Monday, October 24, 2011

*90 days of Makeup challenge! Day 90!*


Here I go! My first post in my 90 days of makeup challenge. I am doing this to ulitilze my growing stash and force myself to use makeup I've never touched or barely touch before buying more!

Here's today's look! I did very little in terms of face makeup today! I usually don't wear makeup during the week unless I'm doing a look, so I decided to keep it light.

The Goods:

(eyeshadow from Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary palette)
 UDPP in "Sin" all over lid
"M.I.A." main lid
"Ace" bledned into crease
"Deeper" blended above crease
"Vanilla" as highlight
"Deep End" lower lash line
Random liner and mascara

Milani baked blush in "Rose D'oro"

Silk Naturals lip stain in "Vamp"

Whew, one day down...let's see how this goes!