Tuesday, October 18, 2011

!Darling Girl Cosmetics, Revisited!


I hope you're all having a great day today!

Today, I wanted to take a look at Darling Girl Cosmetics. It's been over a year now since I did my very first review of DCG and thought I'd take a look at how the company as grown and expanded in that year!

If you haven't already heard, Susan came out with a to die for Darling Ghoul Halloween Collection for 2011- complete with lippies. This collection (of all I've seen so far this season) is one of the best. So RUN, do not walk, and get yourself some.

Susan and I recently did a little swaparoo and she sent me samples of 10 of her best selling eyeshadow shades to date. Let's take a look, shall we?

*Eyeshadow was swatched over Pixie Epoxy0 descriptions of shades taken from the DCG website.*

Luxe: Luxe is the gold of golds! It is a super metallic yellow gold loaded with gold micro-glitter!

Dark Ember: Dark Ember is a deep metallic smoked burgundy with flashes of pink shimmer and a coppery rubdown.

Chimera: Chimera is such an awesome color, it's like getting two shadows in one. In the jar and applied over a white base it looks like a gorgeous pale peach with some gold shimmer but applied over a regular primer it's a pale silvery lavender with gold shimmer.

Harvest Moon: Harvest Moon ♥ Lightly blackened creamy taupe with a golden halo. The finish on this is pretty low sheen but slightly metallic.

Butterfly Flutterby: Butterfly Flutterby is a gorgeous lustrous aqua with lime green glitter.

My Little Pony: This is a color morphing shade. At first glance it looks like a pale pastel lavender with green shift and aqua and pink iridescence, but hold it close to a light source and it takes on a coppery rose color. I love this a lid wash with some black liner. Simple and pretty. Try this over a dark base for a little extra POP! NOT Lip Safe

Evil Empire: Evil Empire is super metallic olive drab with tons of contrasting purple shimmer. So gorgeous!

Flan de Naranja: Flan de Naranja is inspired by the yummy custard like mexican treat. It's a brownish copper with green shift and aqua shimmers.

Jeweled Taupe: Jeweled Taupe is an amazing metallic bronzey taupe with amazing multi-colored shimmers like tiny little jewels ribbon-ed through it.

Barbarella: Barbarella is gorgeous metallic melon-y gold.

I can see why each of these colors is a best seller. My favorite of this entire group is "Evil Empire." You can't tell from the pictures, but this olive gold has pink and purple sparkles in it and it's gorgeous! For those who know me well, one of my favorite gold colors is "Tansy" from Aromaleigh, and this is close enough to not need Tansy, which makes me SUPER happy!

"Jeweled Taupe" is another color that is gorgeous but didn't want to photograph well. When I swatched it, I noticed an explosion of purple glitter throughout the taupe base. It's SO unique and everyone must own it.

I also had a bit of a *squee* moment when I swatched "My Little Pony" and "Dark Ember". In their baggies, they are inconspicuous and sneaky, but once swatched, they are like "HAHAAHA, you didn't see THAT coming!" Dark Ember has a ton of sparkle in it and MLP changes color depending on the light!

It's fun to see how DGC has grown and changed and that Susan is just as sweet as ever! Because DGC is growing, Susan will be discontinuing some shades that don't sell well. She has a list on her blog HERE, so make sure you pick them up if they are on your favorites list! Also, follow Susan's blog for regular updates about the company, as well as killer looks done with DGC products. You can ALSO "like" Darling Girl on Facebook!

One of the BEST things about DCG, aside from the gorgeous colors is that a "petite" jar is only $2.25! (Petit's come in 3g jars with approximately 1/4 tsp of product.)

What's your favorite color/product from Darling Girl Cosmetics?