Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Punk Rock and Roll Showcase on Never Too Much Sparkle!


Last week, we had a little "showcase" or "challenge" in my Facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle! to create a look that was "Punk Rock and Roll" themed. It was SO much fun seeing what everyone came up with. I wanted to share the looks with all of you! (Click the images to go to the blog post each lady did. If, they did. :D )


Blix: Most punks I know don't wear much makeup, mainly smudged black eyeliner and dark lipstick. From what I see, it's mostly about the clothing, hair (OMG the cool hair!) and of course, the music. Since I don't have cool punky hair, I did what I could with the makeup and threw on a choker and an ankh bracelet for a nose chain. Here's my look. I made it all girly with lotsa pink!

Eleni: I drew my inspiration from the classic beginnings of the punk rock movement – 70′s UK, and from this image from a Sex Pistols shirt

Corner Ghost: I took a bit of inspiration from Brody Dalle from The Distillers, who does a much better job at looking tuff

Helen: Here's my submission/preview for the Punk Rock n Roll look. I'm afraid it's way more rock n' roll then punk. I was listening to Pink Flyod, David Bowie, and The Who rather then Flogging Molly or The Sex Pistols, oopsy!

Jessica: I went with a simple tribute to The Runaways.

Kimmie: My inspiration was the Dead Kennedy's logo.

Anne: I really wanted to channel Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day, but that would have been some black eyeliner! So I channeled the scandalous and punk wannabe Boy George.

Jeni: I decided to go with the first band that came to mind for me. The Misfits. I grew up with them. They very much influenced me as a teen, and I continue to adore them. I chose my look to be based on Jerry Only's signature skellie makeup. Because it's on me.. I've called this look "Jeni Only" :D

Krista: My inspiration was Siouxsie and the Banshees song the Rapture..

Melissa: My inspiration was a more wearable version of Gwen Stefanie's look in the "Ex Girlfriend" video.

Rebecca: This is a cross between nina hagen, rob smith, and not knowing wtf i'm doing

Robyn: Based off the colours from 'Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols.'


Swatchfreak: For the Punk Rock & Roll theme, I made a EOTD in wich are the main colors pink, black and blurple. I think the colors represent the theme pretty well.

Wendi: I went for a "Rancid" red and black look, but it turned more into a rock and roll look.


Our next theme is SO MUCH FUN! I'll have all the looks posted next week. If you're on Facebook, come join the group and have some fun too!