Friday, October 28, 2011

Purple People Eater/Monster Mash Showcase on NTMS!


Last week, we had a little "showcase" or "challenge" in my Facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle! to create a look that was "Purple People Eater/Monster Mash" themed. It was completely open to interpretation and was SO much fun seeing what everyone came up with. I wanted to share the looks with all of you! (Click the images to be directed to the blogs of the women how have them!) :D

Purple Anne!

Purple Wendi

Bride of Frankenstein

Purple Caitlin

Purple People Eater Cassia

Purple Helen

Purple Jessica

Purple Jeni

Monster Mash Krista

Purple Samantha

Purple People Eater Swatchfreak and her inspiration

I hope you're all have a nice Friday! Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!