Monday, November 7, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics "Rainbow Brite" swatches!


Another Monday is upon us. This time change deal is killing me...I'm so tired! And I should be full of energy, right? BAH...let's look at some pretties, shall we?

Did someone say Rainbow Brite?? I was so excited when I heard that Susan from Darling Girl Cosmetics was making this collection. Rainbow Brite is a total throw back from my childhood.

Per the DGC store:

The Rainbow Brite collection is a set of lovely duochrome highlighters that can be used alone but take on a completely different look over a dark base.

You can see from the clam shells in natural light, that the colors are totally inconspicuous.

But then we flash them and they start to take on a whole new personality. Look at the lids!

AND THEN we swatch them and you can see just how amazing they are! Especially over Evil Shades spectrum pot "Absorbed."

My absoulte avorites from this collection are Indigo, Rainbow Brite, Lucky, and Patty O'Green. I'm itching to play with these colors- especially over various colored bases.

This is a new collection from Darling Girl and is available on the website right now, so I'd go pick some up as soon as you can. hehe

What colors catch your eye?
*products received for consideration