Saturday, November 19, 2011

HEY! Where'd you get that shirt?


If you don't know already, I love Zombies. (big fat dur) And I love wearing Zombie t-shirts. Just in the last year it's become my "thing." People point out cool zombie things to me, shirts, purses, stickers, hats, trinkets, etc. And I LOVE everything I see. It's just my *thing* man. So, when I was contacted by Crazy Dog T-Shirts, to review their shirts, I thought I'd paruse their expansive "zombie" section and give it a go. LOOK, what I found!


And here it is on Makeup Zombie herself!

If you're into fun and eccentric graphic t-shirts this is the website for you. Crazy Dog has so many cute, funny, and unique shirts to choose from, plus the prices are great and they are always having good sales. Who wouldn't love this shirt, I mean..REALLY!

Shipping varies according to the weight of the package- so, pretty much how many items you purchase determine the shipping cost. It looks like one shirt will ship for $4.50 standard mail. The shipping was incredibly quick.

My favorite thing about this t-shirt (aside from the obvious and the FONT, I love the font) is that it's super soft. It didn't feel like your run on the mill *new t-shirt stiff cotton* when I first put it on. It's soft and durable. AND, it doesn't shrink in the wash! WIN!

I think anyone could find something they like at Crazy Dog T-Shirts!

Shop right now and use code "StayWarm" for $5.00 off your purchase! 

*product received from Crazy Dog T-Shirts for review purposes- opinions are my own.