Friday, November 25, 2011

A Pre-New Years Resolution...Resolution.


You're gonna see some changes here at Makeup Zombie. In addition to my makeup/nail polish posts, I'm going to begin blogging about my weight loss journey. I have decided (being 32) that I will not go one more year overweight. PERIOD.

I am so lucky, that my mother in law contributed to the cause by purchasing me a treadmill (that I will pay off over the next year) during a black Friday sale today. We set it up this evening and I did my first 30 minute intense workout. It feels GOOD to WANT to do this. It feels good to get winded, feel my legs turning to mush. It feels good to want a big life change.

Yes, I could start a new blog, post about this on Facebook, but you're already a pretty big support system and I've never really been "private" about my life with you lovely readers, so, I decided to take you along on my journey. Makeup Zombie will be the same, just with weight loss posts thrown in.

I have ideas on charts I will post so you can all watch my progress along with me. It will make me accountable and hopefully your encouragement will push me along! I am positively, 100% committed to this (the first time I can *honestly* say this.) The reason I'm so adamant is..I'm having troubles sleeping, I have continual heartburn, I have terrible migraines, and I am just tired.all.of.the.time. I NEED this to be a healthy person, someone my children can look up to and follow my example.

Of course exercise isn't the only change I'm making. My husband and I are going to start a healthier lifestyle. I'm going to experiment with food- eat healthier..and for a few months limit carbs. (Hubs refuses to do this part.) So, we'll see. I hope to look and feel totally different this time next year. Wish me luck, will you?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!