Friday, December 16, 2011

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Review and !SWATCHES!


I this day is over. Wow, it was a long one. It started with one of my electrical outlets exploding and blowing a fuse in my house, and it just got worse from there.

I was given the opportunity to review a new indie makeup company called Innocent +Twisted Alchemy. The owner, Linda Wan is part of the makeup group Never Too Much Sparkle on Facebook and such a sweet heart. I'm excited that her makeup is just as *sweet* as she is.

I was able to choose 4 colors- 2 sample baggies, 2 clam shells, and a full size jar. I like the variety, as it gives me a chance to see how everything is packaged.

The colors I received and their descriptions per the website:

Twisted is a violet with green shimmer (part of the core line)
Champagne Bath is a dirty rose with golden sparkles (part of the Holiday 2011 collection)
Hidden Present is an army green with an explosion of pink sparkles (part of the Holiday 2011 collection)
Tragic Chord is a gold with a slight green sheen and sparkles (part of the Holiday 2011 collection)
Yule of Eternity is a copper with a purple sheen and sparkles (part of the Holiday 2011 collection)

All the pretties together. The packaging is SO cute- from the invoice to the stickers on the jars. Everything seems to be carefully planned out and no detail overlooked. I adore the art work like no ones business.

A larger printed business card with art work on the left and an ingredient guide for the Holiday 2011 collection on the right.

Look at the beautiful business card. It's half the size of a regular one with awesome artwork. (front and back of clam shells)

Small sample baggies! Very unique. I've never seen this size before. As you can see, the ingredients are listed on the label.

You can see the full size jar is wrapped with deco tape. I actually thought this was such a cute touch, though it did live a little residue. There was no sifter in the jar, but I prefer mine without. I just love the label.

Oh man....Yule of Eternity is so beautiful! A gorgeous copper color with tons of visible purple sparkle. My favorite of this group.

LOOK at the blue and pink sparkles in Hidden Present and Tragic Chord! Are these not beautiful?!

 All together now!

When I say WOW, I mean WOW! Innocent + Twisted is one of those companies that you really don't know what to expect from, but when you receive the colors and swatch them, you're floored. The colors were all so easy to blend, almost creamy, and packed full of sparkle. Each color was complex is it's own way and gorgeous.

5 gram jars are packed full of product for $6.00 from the store. Looking at the store as it is (and changes are being made) I don't see any samples for sale. Though, I'm sure you could convo Linda about that. Right now you can get a Grande Lucky Pack which includes (2) 5g, (2) Clamshells, (2) Baggie Samples (colors chosen at random) for $14.00 plus shipping. A great way to try them out.

Based on what I received for review, I am really excited to see how I+TA grows. I really want to see MORE colors! I know Linda is still expanding and getting set up, so there is some streamlining to be made still, and once that happens, there is no where but up for this company.

Have you tried Innocent + Twisted? What are you favorite colors?

*products in this post were sent to me by the company for review purposes only. Opinions are my own and 100% honest.