Friday, December 30, 2011

Jordana EasyShine Glossy Lip Color Swatches!

Hey Zombies!

I've been given the opportunity to review some of Jordana Cosmetics new/old product lines, including the Easy Shine Lip Color line. I was sent 6 of the 12 colors to review and swatch for you all.

I received the following colors: Sugar Cookie, Raspberry, Watermelon Juice, Sugar Plum, Sweet Strawberry, and Berry Colada.

I am not too keen on the packaging. The product does not twist down all the way into the tube and when I put on the lids on, I inevitably scrape the product onto the lid- even if being careful. You can see below the damage I've done. lol

BUUUTTT.. the product very VERY nice. :D

Each color swatched on dry lips- this was two swipes.

Berry Colada


Sweet Strawberry

Sugar Cookie

Sugar Plum

Watermelon Juice

What I found most interesting about this product is that, in the tube these babies didn't come off as pigmented as they really are. I was expecting a hint of color and lots of shine, and what I got was lots of color with a hint of shine. Not to mention they are all scented and flavored. (Some of you may not like this aspect, but I did. Neither scent nor flavor is overpowering though.) They are also fantastically moisturizing!

Raspberry was the most impressive in my opinion. Baby pink and it only took about 2 swipes to get it THAT pink. I'm very excited about this.

When smelling each different gloss, I was transported back to middle school when I started dabbling in makeup. I was allowed to wear lip gloss and some blush back then and I always grabbed the scented flavored glosses of the day. (Which were no where near as pigmented as these are!) And I would absolutely recommend these to preteens and beginning makeup beauties.

These are such fun and for $1.99 online (prices may vary- I've only ever seen Jordana at my local Big K's) you can't really go wrong. I'll grab these on the days I'm not going full on makeup for a touch of color on my big old lips!

*products in the post were sent for consideration. Opinios are my own and 100% honest.*