Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Hair...AGAIN!


I've been in a makeup wearing lull, but I DID play with my hair yesterday and thought I'd show you the results and what I used. :D

I found this hair dye Splat "Lusty Lavender" at Wal- Mart a few months ago, and decided to try it out to make sure I wanted to have purple in my hair, as I was assuming that it did last very long. It's ACTUALLY a really good dye!

I sectioned my hair in 3's. Two large sections on each side of my head and one large section above my bangs, parted so that the hair would fall in either direction if parted in the middle. Or I could wear it all on one side. I foiled each section and waited 45 minutes- blow drying each foil pack for 5 mins. each.

This is my hair right after I'd dyed it. It was still wet.

And here is the final product in natural sunlight.

So, as you can see..the dye is really good. It does fade quickly if you shampoo too much with regular shampoo. I learned that with this dye. I will now use shampoo for color treated hair. This dye fades to a nice bright pink which eventually turns into a bubble gun pink. I really like that look too.

See- this is about 2 months after initial application:

So what do you think? Should I rock purple more often or let it fade? I really like how it turned out this time.

Have you tried Splat before? What were your experiences with it?