Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Re-Animated with Braaaaains!

Yo Dawgs!

Oh, sorry, I was just looking at all the various JPEG'S out there with Xzibit's picture on them. Pretty funny!

So, I received a package of awesome and win today and immediately tore that biotch open to reveal....THIS! For those who may not know, I worked with Andrea from Evil Shades on this collection and it's awesome. Obviously, she did all the work and I just threw around some ideas. :D

I intended to throw caution to the wind and just sit down and swatch the whole collection today, but THIS little guy prevented that, so I did a quick look instead.

My GOODNESS "Re-Animated" was so hard to photograph. It changes color in different lightning and for the most part it looked forest green in my pictures. :/   But it does say this on the website:

"Re-Animated is nearly impossible to describe or truly capture on is a red/brown base that looks purple in some lighting and black with a hint of red or purple in other light. It has a green shimmer that changes from a grassy green to an aqua depenting on the tone the base color is reflecting. It's beautiful and complex and very strange at the same time."

*sparkles did not show up in the lip pic. 

 The Goods: (all colors and bases from Evil Shades)

"Visible Violet" Spectrum Pot as base
"Re-Animated" main lid
"Braaains" as upper liner
"Zombified" lower lash line
"Zombie Moon" as highlight and to blend and inner corner
random liner and mascara

Evil Shades "Atomic"

NYX "Indian Pink" with Evil Shades "Antivirus" on top

I will have a post tomorrow with all of the swatches! Stay tuned and have a terrific evening Zombies!

Monday, September 26, 2011

More Fun with Urban Decay's 15th Anniversary Palette!

Evening all!

I can't get enough of my Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette! of my best purchases this year- in my opinion.

The main reason I wanted this palette was for the color Deep End, which I used today. Such an intense gorgeous teal. LOVE IT!

The picture below cracks me up, because it pretty much sums up how I've been feeling lately.

The Goods: (all eyeshadow from the palette)

TFSI all over lid
NYX jumbo pencil in "Milk"
"Deep End" main lid
"Omen" inner lid
"Blackout" in crease
"Chase" above crease and to blend
"Vanilla" as highlight
random liner and mascara

Cheeks: no blush for this look

Covergirl LipPerfection in "Euphoria"- funny story about this. I tried it on earlier this year and thought, NO, don't like. Tried it today and fell in love. The perfect Fall color.

What's your favorite Urban Decay eyeshadow color?

*products used in this post were purchased by me.*

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Silk Naturals Fall 2011 Collection!

Happy Sunday Zombies!

I'm so excited. The TV show PamAm premiers tonight so I'm going to try and hurry this post along, so I can watch it. :D Anyone else excited about this show?

I was lucky enough to receive some of the new Fall 2011 Collection from Silk Naturals and wanted to swatch everything for you.

Cream Blushes:

Various Lippies:


I was extremely worried about trying Cherry Bomb on my face, until I swatched it on my hand. As you can see, it blends out quite nice, leaving a subtle hint of color.  Though, I still don't know how this will look on my skin tone. Amuse is an amazing coral color and gorgeous when blended out.

My favorites eyeshadow of this group are: (descriptions take from website)

Glory:  Glory- Golden Taupe Glimmer 
Kingfisher- deep teal shimmer- EL (eyelight)
Burnout- Deep Burgundy Shimmer
Ether- Lavender- EL

"Provoke" Amplifying Lip Glaze has an amazing minty smell and zing to it once on your lips. It's also a gorgeous color.

I LOVE Vamp (Deep Plum Red Stain) lip stain. the color is really good for my complexion. It's not *IN YOUR FACE* burgundy and really does stain evenly, and lasts for a long time. See for yourself!

Silk Naturals offers eyeshadow for $4.00. You receive 3/4 teaspoon in a 5-gram sifter jar.

Cream Blush and lippies are $4.50.

Have you purchased anything from the new Fall Collection? What are your thoughts?

*products in this review were sent to me by Silk naturals for review purposes only. Opinions are my own and 100% honest.*

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gradient Eyeliner...first attempt

Hey Zombies!

I hope you're all having a terrific day. In one week and one day, my family and I are going back to my hometown for 3 days to Apsenfest, which is basically a Fall festival with a parade, arts and crafts far, chili cook-off, etc. I am SO excited, because this is my favorite time of year, and especially in Ruidoso.

Yesterday I saw THIS post and almost lost my cookies. How amazing is it?! Of course, I didn't want to copy it word for word, so I just revised and put my spin on it. One thing I DO know..I hate false lashes. LOL!

Anyway, here's my take:

The Goods:

UDPP in Sin all over lid

I used my Coastal Scents 78 palette for all of the colors in this look. Except for the crease which is MAC's "Blue Flame" from the Style Black collection.

I took a wet angled liner brush to create the liner on my upper lid, dragging the blue down into the lower lash line. The colors I used were bright blue, purple, and pink from the palette.

I added Collection 2000's glitter liner "Night Fever" on the blue on my lower lash line.

NYX "Milk" in waterline

Random lashes that are too freaking big for me and too clumsy to work with, so I'm not even recommending them by naming them.

Evil Shades "Gossamar"

Evil Shades "Caged Gypsy"

This looks SO much better before I put the lashes on. It was nearly perfect. But, I had a hard time with my left lash, so it kind of messed up the liner. I would like to do this again WITHOUT the lashes, and in different colors. It was SO easy to use the shadow wet and get the effect I wanted with the angled brush. I think everyone should try this at least once.And, obviously, this is no where as amazing as the original rainbow gradient, but I tried. hehe

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fyrinnae and Evil Shades LOTD!

Hey Zombies,

So, because of my "Black Bean" fail..I decided to get out some more of my black eyeshadow bases to play with. In fact, I was so excited about this, that I couldn't sleep last night thinking about it.The first contender is "Absorbed" by Evil Shades. This baby was easy to apply and did not and has not creased at all!

It's a shame that the pure awesome-ness of the Arcane Magic color "Conjure" is lost in these pictures. I really tried to capture it's beauty. Think cherries with a blue shift..gorgeous!

The Goods:

UDPP in Sin all over lid
Evil Shades "Absorbed" as a base
Fyrinnae "Conjure" main lid' and lower lash line
Fyrinnae " Sorceress" in crease
Fyrinnae "Sugar Skulls" above crease and to blend colors
Random matte white for highlight and more blending
Fyrinnae "Glitterboi" in lower lash line mixed with Conjure
Random liner and mascara

Bright pink from my 76 palette


I hope you're having a great day! I'm going to be doing more black base looks, because I LOVE this time of year and wearing darker colors.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Highway to the "Comfort Zone" LOTD!


What a long day today was...long weekend too! We were busy nonstop this weekend and it carried into today. I'm ready to curl up with some ice cream and get comfortable.

Over the weekend, I picked up the Wet n' Wild "Comfort Zone" 8 pan palette because of this post from Mandy at Pretty Making and did a quick look with it on Saturday! What a pretty neutral palette.

*I want to first note that NYX Jumbo pencil in "Black Bean" is TERRIBLE. It creased and will not blend evenly. DO NOT, use this for black smokey looks. I really need a good black base. Please give me some ideas!

The Goods:

TFSI all over lid
NYX jumbo pencil in "Black Bean" smudged as base
8th color from palette (MAC Club dupe) all over main lid
3rd color in palette above main lid color and into lower lash line
7th color in palette in crease
1st color in palette as highlight and inner corner
Random liner mascara

Milani "Rose D'Oro"

Revlon "Raspberry"

Have a nice evening Zombies!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Evil Shades Halloween Collection- ZOMBIES!

Hey Zombies!


I'm only just a LITTTTTTLE excited about this collection! I'll have swatches in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, head over to Evil Shades and get ya some! Oh and thanks Andrea for collab'ing with me on this. KICK ASS! I am so excited.

What looks most interesting to you so far?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Palettes- review and swatches!


I am soooo stoked. I made an impromptu trip to the Walgreen's nearest me and was directed to the new WnW display that just came in today! (Yes, the girl knows I am madly watching for "On the Prowl" which still wasn't there.) Anyway, I did find the Fantasy Makers in "Rising Star" and "Stage Beauty" and couldn't wait to show you.

Make sure you click the pictures to get the maximum badass-ness of these babies.

Palette's swatched from left to right.

Obviously the glitter was hard to capture on camera. Each color is a cream based glitter and some of the colors are hard to work with..Each palette seems to have a cream that is void of much glitter and I'm assuming those are for putting on before the glittery colors.

I LOVE "Rising Star." OMG, each color is SO cool, especially the black with holographic glitter. There are two blacks in this palette, but it seems the black on the third row has much more pronounced glitter. AWESOME!

I really love the 7th color in the "Stage Beauty" palette. It's a deep purple with hints on navy and fun glitter. Very dramatic.

I can't wait to smear these all over my eyes for some fun glittery looks! (Regardless of the glitter bullshiz recently, I will still wear glitter. I ain't scured.)

Each palette was $3.99 (USD)...SCORE AGAIN WnW!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rainy Day...Bright Eyes!

Hey Zombies!

It was a gorgeous, gloomy day this morning when I woke up. I decided to do bright makeup to counteract the gloom. I love my rainy mornings!

I played around with the UD 15th Anniversary Collection again. Seriously, I love this palette.

The Goods:

NYX jumbo pencil in "Milk" all over lid
UD "Junkshow" inner lid, inner corner, and pulled into lower lash line
UD "Omen" outer lid and pulled into outer lower lash line
UD "Blackout" blended into crease
UD "Vanilla" as highlight
random liner and mascara

Hard Candy "Living Doll"

Venomous Cosmetics "Pinking of You" lip poison

I hope you're all having a nice week!