Friday, January 20, 2012

Blogger Spotlight! Lisanne the AMAZING!


I am actually pretty speechless about today's guest post. When I asked Lisanne to do a guest spot with a purple smokey eye, I was NOT expecting it to be this amazing. I opened her pictures, gasped, and sat and stared. they are THAT good. Get your asses over to her blog NOW and follow.

I got a message by Wendi from Makeup Zombie and I was soooooooo excited: she asked me to do a guest blogpost on her blog! Thanks so much Wendi, I thought it was the most awesome thing ever! I had no idea what she expected me to do because I'm new at the whole guest blogpost thing. But it wasn't that complicated, I could just tell something about myself, add the pictures and tell what products I used. Sounds easy enough.

So lets get the introduction out of the way first. I'm a 30 year old make-up addict from the Netherlands. I used to blog with a lovely group of ladies on a bigger Dutch blog and visitors there always said they loved to see my looks. But it just got too much work so I quit that and made myself a smaller blog in English. I decided to do it the simple way and call my blog "Lisanne blogt" which means Lisanne blogs in Dutch. I love playing around with my makeup most of all and I wanted to focus on that on my new spot. I've been doing this since November last year and it's been amazing! I met so many lovely bloggers and even more lovely ladies on Never Too Much Sparkle. I have no idea what else to tell you, if you want to know more, visit my blog or ask in the comments.  

Wendi told me I could do whatever I wanted but she said she would love to see me do a purple smokey. Well, your wish, my command! So I got to work and made a purple smokey eye... And I wasn't happy about it. So I did another one. Still not extremely happy... AARGH!! So I figured third time's the charm and if I didn't like that one either I would just kick myself in the butt, stop being overly critical, pick one and stick with it. So I did that and picked the last attempt. It's with a dark purple smokey eye and dark lippies, I know most would pick a light lip with smokey eyes but I just like the dark ones better. :)

But I promised Wendi I would use some cool lashes and when I was working on the look I used black regular ones because it looked like that would suit the look best. But I had to go ahead and try the funky ones too, they're just so much fun! I got rid if the dark lips and I removed the blob of glitterliner in the outer eye corner and tadaaa... Purple party peepers!

I hope you liked this look. I didn't want to flood Wendi's blog with too many pictures of lil' ol' me so if you check out my blog you'll find more pictures. Thanks for reading and thanks again Wendi for asking me!

Products Used

  • Gosh Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer Stick
  • MAC Push The Edge Pigment
  • Sleek Circus palette for the pink, blue and white eyeshadow
  • Kruidvat False Lashes (local drugstore)
  • Gosh Kohl / Kajal eyeliner in black
  • Make Up Store Glitterliner in Purple Rain
  • Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation colour Ivory
  • Gosh Bronzing Powder Natural Glow
  • Sleek Blush colour Flamingo
Lips (dark)

  • Sleek Lipstick Madly Maroon
  • Gosh Light 'n Shine colour 005
Lips (light)
  • Gosh Soft ' Shine colour Perfect Plum