Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Darling Grrl Collection from Darling Girl Cosmetics!


Have I got a kick ass post for you tonight? No really, it rocks. Wanna know why?

Darling Grrl Collection: Avid punk/psychedelic rockers unit with this fun and spunky collection from Darling Girl Cosmetics. Each color is based on a few of Darling Girl's most avid fans favorite punk rock or psychedelic rock bands from the 80's and beyond. Each color is unique and hand blended and seriously "created to ROCK!" (Guess what ya'll! I wrote that..buahahah!)

Susan took some ideas of her fans and created the most awesome collection (which will be added to as time goes on) and sent me the core shades to swatch for you. Darling Grrl will be available on Friday, Jan. 13th (FRIDAY THE 13th!) from the Darling Girl web store.

Let's look at these babies! (Remember to click the images for maximum awesomeness!)

Look at those sparkles!


How Soon is Now: Medium grey with pink and aqua sparkles
Vicar in a Tutu: Cucumber Green with a subtle pink and orange duo-chrome
Wanna Be Sedated: Medium Bronze with an explosion of pink sparkles
Miniature Sun: Lemon Yellow with green sparkles and a subtle green shift
Rise Above: Indigo with multicolored sparkles
Die, Die My Darling: Kelly Green with pink and gold sparkles
Roots Radicals: Light Mint Green with gold and pink sparkles
Friday I'm In Love: Navy Blue with a gold shift and sparkles

Mark your calendars yo, this one is EPIC. Which colors strike your fancy? Why?