Monday, January 16, 2012

Luminess Air Pro Airbrush System a Review.


This post has been a long time coming. A few months ago I gave you my initial thoughts on the Luminess Air Pro Airbrush system, which you can see here.

Since that post, I have been able to use the system on myself several times and wanted to share with you my results.

The Pro system comes with: Professional multi-speed airbrush system with three professional pre-programmed air speed modes: L-light for hair and eyebrows, M-for face and neck and H-for body including legs and arms. It also includes the Starter Kit: 4 Foundations, Make Up System Cleaning Bottle, Blush, Bronzer, Glow and Primer. (I was also sent the Evening Sari eyeshadow set for consideration.)

I adore the silver carrying case. It's compact and light weight for easy transport.

The airbrush system and the stylus are both of very good quality. I also really like the pretty butterfly embossed on the air compressor part of the system. The stylus is easy to use and lightweight.

The stylus has 3 notches so that you can easily tell how much air you're producing and a nice big funnel for the product to fit in.

Key points:
  • Portable and easy to use. Carrying case is lovely and entire system is lightweight.
  • Stylus is easy to work with, once the initial learning curve has been mastered.
  • Air from the stylus can be used after applying your makeup to *dry* and set the foundation.
  • Applying your foundation with the airbrush system does cut down on the time it takes to apply face makeup.
  • Foundations come in a variety of colors- which are good to blend colors to get the perfect one for your skin tone.
  • The system is electric and small enough to keep on your makeup table/desk for every day use.
  • The Pro System is a little pricy, but there are other options for those on a budget.
  • It is super easy to clean, just add water and spray!
My thoughts
  • I had fun playing with the system. Once my nervousness and intimidation wore off, I was able to apply my foundation evenly. It feels really good going on the face as well.
  • The stylus leaked on my hand the first few times I used it. You must not overfill funnel or you will get residual leakage from the stylus.
  • I found it easier to apply foundation on myself than to someone else.
  • I like that once you've applied your foundation, you can use the air from the stylus to dry and set your foundation.
  • I really didn't like applying eyeshadow to myself with the airbrush system. I'd much rather stick to brushes and pigments for eyeshadow application.
  • I think the Pro System would be great for someone who is looking to become a makeup artist. I don't know however that this particular system would be good for personal use on a daily basis, but I do think for daily use and those on a budget, the Everyday Beauty System is a great alternative. The Everyday Beauty System -Luminess Newest Beauty System model, now in Black great for every day makeup needs. Features one-touch airbrush system with constant air speed for face and neck, our easy -to- single action Airbrush Stylus and Stylus holder integrated to the compressor. It also includes Starter Kit: 2 .55oz foundations, Blush, Bronzer, Glow & Primer/Moisturizer.
  • My skin had a noticeable glow and felt so smooth after applying my foundation with the airbrush. I noticed healthier looking skin the days that followed as well.
You can see my results below after using the system.

I decided to go for very light coverage on me to see how it compares to *maximum* coverage, such as what I did for my Mom. I used 4-6 drops of Shade #2 and 2-4 drops of the Illuminating Glow mixed. You may have to use less, depending on how full you want your funnel to get. I slowly applied the product on speed #2 with circular motions on my entire face and neck. Make sure you close your eyes and get your eye lids as well. I also used 4 drop of Tulip blush for my cheeks. *You really MUST use a light hand when applying this blush, as depending on your skin tone, it is very pigmented.*

Here are my results: before and after. (Sorry for the horrible blurs in the pics. My kids get their fingerprints all over everything...EVEN WHEN I DON'T KNOW IT!)



As you can see, the coverage is very light but just enough to give my skin a natural looking glow. I really like how I able to apply a soft touch of color to my skin with the blush.

On my Mom a few months back, I decided on maximum coverage.I used shade #3 as well as Bronzer and eyeshadow. on my Mom and as you'll see in the pictures, a lot of her visible lines and age spots were covered and concealed.

This is my very first experience with an airbrush system, which is why this post took so long for me to write.(well, that and blogger deleted my first review as I was about to post it.) I wanted to use it so that I could give you an honest review. With a busy life, I think the airbrush is an awesome way to get your makeup done in much less time. To me, use on a daily basis would be possible, if the foundation wasn't as expensive at it is. But if I want to do makeup on other people for special occasions, this will work nicely.

I really enjoy using the Luminess Air Pro System and will continue to use it and post looks with it for you all. I highly recommend this product if you're a makeup artist, for a sanitary way to apply makeup to your clients

*product in this post was sent to me for consideration purposes only. Opinions are my own and 100% honest.