Thursday, January 12, 2012

Putting Worries to Rest.


I did not WANT to make this post, but unfortunately I was included in on something that was almost threatening to rock the indie world to it's core.

My official statement:

In light of there being no communications from Grey, Georgiana Grey, Gina Silva, (LeGothique) in the last few weeks, it appears that Indie Style is or will very soon be dissolved. Those who were to participate in the February Awesome Box; it is suggested that you wait in sending any further products and anyone who has not received the first box it is suggested that you file a PayPal claim/dispute as soon as you possibly can. If information changes you can always resend payment, however at this point it would be best to protect yourselves and Grey from any further issues. Please direct yourselves to the Awesome Box Facebook Group with any questions you may have.

Now that being said, "Grey" is ok. She is still alive and kicking as far as we can tell. (And yes, there is proof to back that up, but I will not be divulging information at this time.) I am mainly making this post so that all of you beautiful and caring souls can stop worrying that something awful happened to her. I want to put your minds at ease.

And IF things change, I will most definitely be the first to let you all in on the situation. I am a little saddened by the situation and though I was not very *close* to Grey, I'm sorry to see how things have ended up and I hope she'll come and ease your minds as well.

I know that's a little LESS information than you want/need and I know I (we) owe you a better explanation. It will come in time.

I ask you to please use discretion in any comments you make on this post. I am not making this post to worsen an already confusing situation, I'm making this post to set your minds at ease.