Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zoya "Delilah" is LOVE!


On New Years Day, I watched an episode of Once Upon a Time with my father in law. One of the actresses had the most amazing ruby/cranberry red nails and since that day, I've been hunting for *that* or a similar color. I was looking through my stash last night thoroughly convinced I really didn't have a color close to what I was looking before, and just like a ruby in the rough, I spotted Delilah way back in the back of my drawer.."WAIT, WHAT'S THIS!?" I screamed to the heavens and grabbed her out of there and held her to my chest like "my preeeecccious!"
And...despite everything going on (which wasn't much, the kids were in bed) I sat down and put her on my nails.

The PERFECT red jelly with glass flecks. Seriously...the best red I've ever seen. Can you believe I had Delilah and never used it before? This proves you should never underestimate your makeup stash. ;)