Friday, February 17, 2012

Rocky Horror Picture Show Showcase for NTMS!


Last week, we had a little "showcase" or "challenge" in my Facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle! to create a look that was "Rocky Horror Picture Show" themed. It was completely open to interpretation and was SO much fun seeing what everyone came up with.

(For the ladies who did a blog post with their look, click on their names to be directed to their blogs and see the full posts.)

Make sure you click the MORE link below to see all of the looks!

Aranza as "Magenta"!

Aimee's "Magenta" inspired eye!

Candy as "Rocky"!

Melissa as "Riff"!

Andrea as "Frank N. Furter"!

And again!

Elizabeth's "Columbia" inspired nails!

Valerie's "Columbia" inspired eyes
Jessica as "Columbia"!

Take 2!

Kathy as "Janet"!

Sarah's awesome RHPS look!

I'm bummed that I got sick and had to sit this one out. :( But the ladies made up for it in a big way.