Monday, March 12, 2012

Guest Post with Diana Marie!

**MZ is on a small hiatus in the wonderful world of Disney! I've asked some terrific bloggers to look after the blog while I'm gone!**

Hey Everyone!!

First off let me just say I am SUPER excited to be doing a guest post for the always zombie-licious Wendi!!! I am in her Facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle!, among other beautiful girls, and I almost fell over dead when she asked me to do a guest post for her!!! eek! So today I'm going to show you my mani and an LOTD using my new favorite color, ORANGE!!

I never ever thought I could pull off orange, I think because I always thought of my skin tone as a cool one. In reality I lean more towards the warm side. Recently, Panetone named Tangerine as their color of the year 2012, so I thought I would give it a go and see if it looked nice on me. Its gorgeous in the summer and I am always jealous when I see a girl rocking orange lips, I think orange is so edgy and different, and I have been DYING to try it out, but have always chickened out. I have the BH Cosmetics 66 Lip Palette and it has a ton of different colors in it, and seeing as I don't own an orange lippy, I figured that would be a good start.

Here is my 66 Lip Palette and for the lippy I have on in the photos below is a mix of (A6) and (D8).

It's pretty much equal parts of both, and you don't need a lot, so it's just a little dab of each on the brush.

I decided to keep the rest of my face pretty simple so my lips really pop out, so I went with a simple cat eye.

The color is kind of a pumpkin color in this photo but it's super bright in person, I love it!!

This I think is going to be my go-to lip color for summer, I am totally addicted to it! I need to find an amazing orange for my nails now too! I guess I am due for a drugstore haul to get a new bright orange lippy and a new nail polish! haha 

I am INLOVE with ORANGE!!!

I know it's a weird picture but it shows how bright it is!! <3LOVE

K, So now for the mani! I picked up anew Sinful Colors Polish at Walgreens the other day called "Bare". I wasn't sure about it because I love dark polishes but I am a total convert. This color is gorgeous! It also makes my nails look super long because its almost flesh tone. 

It has a pink rose tone to it but its really more taupe. It also has a very slight shimmer to it! It is so pretty for spring! I think I am gonna try to put some chunky hex glitter over it and see what happens, maybe Spoiled Polish "Jewelry Heist" because it has pink/gold glitter in it!

That was so much fun! Thanks so much to Wendi @ Makeup Zombie for asking me to do a guest post! I hope I can do more in the future and thanks to everyone reading it!!

<3DianaMarie- Makeup Whore
*blows glitter kisses*

Thanks Diana, this look is so gorgeous and you really DO rock orange lips!