Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Playin' Around, LOTD!


I felt like playing with my makeup today! I was short on time, so I decided to pair teal and purple and keep it pretty simple, seeing as how I was headed to the doctor. But, I did grab some pictures! Let me just say..Violet pigment from MAC, is GORGEOUS!

My nose is peeling, as I got a little sun from our fun Disney trip!

The Goods:
TFSI as primer
Darling Girl "Starry Night" paint pot as base
Loreal Infallible eyeshadow in "Perpetual Purple" over base
MAC "Violet" pigment patted on top of PP
MAC "Steamy" blended above crease
MAC "Rain Drop" pigment blended into crease and down into lower lash line
MUA #9 blended into lower lash line and tear duct area
MAC "Shroom" as highlight
random liners and mascara

Hard Candy "Living Doll" blush

MAC "Violetta" blotted

Colorful, yet simple and not too over the top for the doctor!

Touching on *over the top*. What are your thoughts on when someone says that makeup is just a woman's way of concealing her insecurities with herself? Me personally, I view makeup as art, expression, fun. I don't wear it to *hide* anything and I'm just as comfortable without makeup than I am with. I'm curious your take on this.