Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two NTMS Showcases!


I've had such a busy few weeks that I haven't posted the last weeks showcases from Never Too Much Sparkle..so, I'm rolling two challenges into one post. The two themes were "Fantasy Trolls or Blue and Gold" and "Spring Brights or Pink and Neutral." The challenges were completely open to interpretation and was SO much fun seeing what everyone came up with.

(For the ladies who did a blog post with their look, click on their names to be directed to their blogs and see the full posts and products used.)

Make sure you click the MORE link below to see all of the looks!

First up Fantasy Troll or Blue and Gold!

Aranaz's Blue and Gold eyes!

Duvessa's Fantasy Troll!

Jessica's Blue and Gold!

Susan's Blue and Gold!

Now on to "Spring Brights or Pink and Neutral"!

Alicia's Bright eye!

Emily's Bright eye!

Jeanine's bright eyeliner!

Jeni's Bright look!

Kendra's Bright look!

Melissa's Bright look!

Emily's pink and neutral look!

Rebecca's Bright nails!

Sam's Bright look!

Sarah's Bright look!

Tattiana's Bright look!

Toni's Bright look!

Wendi's Bright eye!

Aren't these looks so FUN! I love each and everyone of them.