Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Too Faced "Size Queen" Mascara Review!

Hello everyone!

A while back, I had a gift card from SkinCareRX burning a hole in my pocket (virtually) and after 2 days of pouring over the Apothica website, I finally landed on the Size Queen Mascara from Too Faced.

I'll be honest, from the website, I didn't quite realize how massive the size of the brush on the wand was. I figured "Size Queen" just meant it would thicken your lashes. Boy, was I wrong! When I opened the mascara and pulled out the wand, I let out a very audible "Ummmm WOW."

From the photos above, you can't really get the full scope of the size, so I've compared the wand to Maybelline "Falsies" mascara. Faslies on top, Size Queen on bottom.

As you can tell, the wand looks like a small tree; maybe even a hairbrush for a doll?

Regardless of the size and the endless possibilities of disaster with this brush, I really love this mascara. It makes my lashes appear fuller and longer. I find it really easy to use on my top lashes and it seems to grab onto all of the lashes. Some mascaras seem to miss the outer part of my lashes for some reason, obviously this brush has no problem reaching ALL of the lashes. I also like that this mascara lasts a long time and doesn't budge through crying. ;)



I notice myself grabbing for this mascara before any of my other brands, because I KNOW the coverage is good and thorough and I really love the way it makes my eyes stand out, because it makes my lashes look so long. One downfall is that the mascara tends to clump slightly, so make sure you remove excess product before application. This is also not good to use on the lower lash line, as you can see in the bottom picture. It's too big to really get close and personal.

Would I buy this mascara again? I definitely would! It's pretty steep at $21.00, but I feel it will last me a long time and I think it's really worth it. The brush on the wand IS a surprise, but once you get use to it, it's easy to apply to your lashes!

Have you tried Size Queen Mascara? What are your thoughts?