Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Awesome Purple Week: Day 2!

Hey Zombies!

I fell asleep last night at 6:00 pm LIKE A BOSS and slept all night. So I also slept through all the blogging I intended on doing. Make up day today!

I had an idea to blog about purples this week because it's the most frequently used color in my makeup arsenal and I wanted to see how many ways I could use the color purple in a week. Lips, eyes, nails, etc. I got some of my friends in on the action to share our love of purple with the world! :D

Day 2 goes a little something like this:

Wendi: Tick:Tock Cosmetics "Made in the 80's."


Natural lighting



Aranza: All Chinovi: Dance, Hiccup, Grand Opening, Smoke Out and Purple Rain.

Cati: Tick:Tock Cosmetics "Salvador Dali"

Dora: Nubar "Treasure"

Elizabeth: Geek Chic Cosmetics "As You Wish", Geek Chic Cosmetics "What's Under the Hood", Sugar Pill "Poison Plum", Sugar Pill "Afterparty", Sugar Pill "Dollypop", Sugar Pill "@#$%!", Sugar Pill "Tako", and Poison Plum brows

Duvessa (Follow link to see tutorial)




Robyn- Miss Midnight Blue: Sally Hanson "Loves Me Not"

Rocio (Follow link to see complete look and products used)

Stay tuned for more purple this week! If you'd like to join in, shoot me an email at makeupzombie @ yahoodotcom with a purple look (can be anything makeup, clothing or nail polish related featuring purple) you'd like me to use for that day! Anyone is welcome to join in the fun this week!