Thursday, July 5, 2012

Glitter, flakie, and jelly sandwich!


Last week I stumbled upon THIS post and knew I immediately had to try to recreate that mani. I was so in love with the combo. I didn't have exactly what was used in the post, but I had *close enough.* I love the way my mani turned out. So much awesome on my fingers!

This mani is much more purple in real life. Blue based purples do NOT photograph well.

Here is a cell picture to better capture the true color.

The Goods:
Milani base coat
2 coats of Spoiled "Checkin' into Rehab"
1 coat of Revlon "Whimsical" glitter
1 more coat of "Checkin' into Rehab"
1 coat of Fingerpaints "Aslyum"
Sech Vite dry fast top coat

What a fun mani. I'm so glad I came across that awesome post!