Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Favorite Independent Companies!


Hey Zombies!

I've needed to revise my favorites list for some time now as it's changed drastically over the last year. So, no better time than right now!

I've been blogging for almost 3 years now and most of my favorite indie companies have been a favorite of mine since then. Some have changed, some have fallen off the earth, but my tried and true remain (and I very rarely stray from those that I know and love) and that's what makes them good, solid indie companies. Despite drama and adversity, they aren't going anywhere and continue to crank out lovely products and fantastic customer service.

Fyrinnae: Fyrinnae was among the first companies I purchased from when starting my blogging adventure. As soon as I opened the zebra printed tissue paper, I was in love. There is something special about Fyrinnae pigments. They simply ARE magical. All of the shades I own (which is probably 15 shy of their entire collection) are unique, pigmented, contain just the right amount of glitter or shimmer and last on my lids for an insanely long time. (And yes, that's a good thing.) Fyrinnae strives to cater to their customers and listen with an open ear to any suggestions that may arise. The company also stays away from drama, which loves to crop up these days in the indie world. I love every single new color they produce and because they release new colors sparingly, it's that much more exciting to see what they come out with. Fyrinnae is LOVE in a jar.

Dreaming Tree Soapworks: I've tried my fair share of indie bath and body/perfumery companies in my blogging years. Some I loved, some not so much. Some I won't purchase from or support even if the product is amazing for different reasons. I've been gun shy lately with indie B&B until I tried Dreaming Tree. The scents are amazing, especially Dark Goddess and Alyce and I adore the lotion and facial soap from this company. With so many choices on indie B&B these days, I think I'll stick to Dreaming Tree as I've had no adverse reactions to the products (I'm really critical of face products because I have a pretty sensitive skin) and I adore all the different scents and various products they offer. Their Luxurious Lotions have cured my dry, ugly cuticles. SCORE. Follow Dreaming Tree on Facebook!

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Who doesn't love a little DGC? If you haven't tried their eyeshadow, lip balms, or glitter yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. Darling Girl's owner Susan is super hands on with her customers on her Facebook fanpage and creates customer idea inspired collections all the time! Hello "Nerdvana" and "Darling Grrl". The eyeshadow and lippies from Darling Girl are fun and colorful with just the right amount of sparkle at an affordable price! My favorite holo-gloss from DGC is "Holly Jolly!" Follow Darling Girl Cosmetics on Facebook!

The beauty of independent companies as opposed to big box brands is obviously the affordable prices, but it's also the fact that you can truly get to know the owners of indie companies! You can be hands on in your shopping experience and suggest colors from time to time or have the owner make you something custom to suit your needs and desires. I get asked quite a bit why I like and review indie brands over big box and it's simple, I support handmade in all aspects; with very few exceptions (such as owner harassment of customers, bullying, repackaged or private label products, etc.) I support anything made from the heart and made with awesome and WIN! 

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