Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Neon Green Nail Sammy!


I've been in love with glitter/flakie mani's these days, so I decided to create another one today. The green I used was a little to opaque to allow for the glitter to shine through, so I added more glitter on top! Of course, DUH!

Be sure to click the images for maximum awesome!


The Goods:
Milani base coat
2 coats of Color Club "What a Shock!"
1 coat of Jordana "My Superstar" glitter
1 more coat of "What a Shock" (I should have skipped this step)
1 coat of Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure"
Sech Vite Dry Fast top coat

I really like the look of this mani. In the sunshine a the glitter and flakie just sparkle and shine. FUN!