Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Out with the OLD, in with the BLUE!


Today I got a wild hair up my ass and dyed my bangs turquoise. ;) The pink in my bangs clung to the blue, leaving them a cool lavender color. I decided on a super bright look to complement my new hair. What's the best way to create a super kick ass bright look you ask? By using Sugarpill of course, I say!

The Goods:
TFSI as primer
Tick:Tock Cosmetics Infinity Eyeshadow Base
Sugarpill "Darling" inner part and middle lid
Sugarpill "Starling" outter part of lid
Sugarpill "Magentric" lower lash line
Sugarpill "Lumi" as highlight and inner corner
Milani Shadow Eyez in "Aquatic Style" water line
random upper liner and mascara

MAC "Dollymix" blush

Morgana Cryptoria "Azalea Blue"

I hope you've enjoyed this look. It was so SO much fun to create and wear.