Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to the Basics!


I've just spent a good hour trying to figure out how to remove DISQUS from my blog. It was a huge pain in my ass, but I think I've got it figured out. I was having a lot of issues with it and receiving messages and emails from my readers telling me they could not comment with DISQUS. In a blaze of glory, I took it off the blog! That means that the regular blogger comment box is back! And because of all the freaking effort it took to remove DISQUS, I don't think it'll be back on MZ.

This does mean I've lost a lot of my comments. :/ But I guess it's a good time to start a new..unless I can figure out how to import them over from DISQUS. *shakes head.*

I hope this will be better for everyone to comment on my blog!


  1. Hi! Yay :) I like Discus but i hate it when it acts up for sites.

  2. So glad you got it to work! I don't use Disqus on my blog, but even when registering for an account and trying to set it up... It just wasn't intuitive!

  3. I personally use IntenseDebate, which doesn't seem to have gone wacky as often as Disqus. Regardless, as long as we can continue to tell you how awesome you are, it doesn't matter what commenting system you use!

  4. I had been having trouble commenting on your posts so am glad to see it gone! yay for being able to tell you what I think of each post :D

  5. Cool! I like this more basic commenting system better.


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