Sunday, August 26, 2012

!Lucky 107 Cosmetics Review and SWATCHES!

Good evening Zombies!

I have a fun review this evening for you. I was given the opportunity to review a newer indie cosmetics company called "Lucky 107 Cosmetics" and I am excited to share with you!

The motto of Rebecca Masters, the owner of Lucky 107 Cosmetics is simple: "Homemade goodies made with love! Everyone should be able to afford high end quality products without the price tag." 

Front of Business Card.

Back of business card. 

I'm a sucker for pretty business cards. I actually collect them! I LOVE Lucky 107's card. Once of the cutest I've received in a while.

All the pretties lined up!

I was asked to choose 3 full size, a sample eyeshadow and a full size lippie from the website.

I chose: (descriptions from the website)

"Red Tide" (Like the phases of the moon, this brilliant red shadow has fleck of orange in it & natural shimmer. )
"Zombie Bitch" (Who would've thought that zombie's had such fashion sense? Rock out with our "Zombie Bitch" eyeshadow, an earthy green with violet iridescence & punches of purple glitter.) and
"MILF" (Whether you're a Mother I'd Like to *whistles* or just looking for a good time, M.I.L.F. eyeshadow is the perfect, shimmery, purple with a crimson tint.)

I asked the owner Rebecca to pick out the sample and lippie for me. I received Cat's Meow (lippie) and Chakra (sample in clamshell) as well as 3 baggie samples of "Cocoa", "Facepalm", and "Maid Service".


The ingredient list on the back of the jars. Some of the labels were easier to read than others.

Sample baggies

Vintage Pout lip color in "Cat's Meow" is in a squeeze tube and smells and tastes like Watermelon. Per website: ("Cat's Meow" is a vibrant pink the shifts to a gorgeous violet with purple sparkle bursts & loaded with blue glitter!)

You can see the blue glitter here.

Swatch! The blue glitter doesn't transfer to the lips all that well, but still a nice color and a lighter shade for me to wear. I do like the smell and the taste of this gloss. Taste and smell are not too overpowering.

(Eyeshadow swatched over Hi-Fi Cosmetics Shadow Fix.)

I simply adore "MILF" and "Red Tide". Each color is rich and vibrant. I like that these two shades are Metallic as opposed to glittery, which means they were so buttery upon application and smooth. "Maid Service" and "Cocoa" are also very lovely shades. "Zombie Bitch" is a fun color! It's a light green base filled with purple sparkles. I found this one a little more difficult to work with as the glitter liked to stick in one spot of the swatch instead of being distributed evenly. Obviously something you can work with depending on the type of base you use. "Chakra" is a gorgeous cornflower blue with a pink and green shift to it!

Rebecca mentioned that the purchased samples from the website come in the clam shells. Each order comes with one free sample (which are in baggies.) Samples are $1.00 and full size jars (5 gram) are $5.00. Full size "Vintage Pout" lip color such as Cat's Meow are $4.00. Shipping was lightning fast and everything arrived adorably packaged and each full size jar (with the exception of "Red Tide") contained a sifter and and sticker over the sifter.

Overall, I'm happily impressed with Lucky 107. I think their labeling is super cute and their products are nice and consistently well put together. The eyeshadow is rich and blend-able and lasts for a long while once applied. I'd like to work more with "Zombie Bitch" on top of different bases and mediums to show off the glitter much more. Lucky 107 is definitely a company to watch!

Have you tried Lucky 107 Cosmetics? What are your thoughts?

*products in this post were sent to MakeupZombie for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.


  1. I love Lucky 107! So many gorgeous options and amazing customer service as well! :) I still need to order a vintage lip pout, but now I really can't wait. That color looks gorgeous!

  2. Oooh, pretty! That lip color is amazing on you!

    1. Thanks Sarah! It's a fun color for sure.

  3. I totally need to play with this stuff!! Agreed! That lip color is beautiful on you. Gorgeous!! I adore your blog...those little zombies on each picture just crack me up... I love your overall concept!! Sorry if I'm rambling...fangirl of Makeup Zombie!!

    1. Buy all the awesome makeup! lol I'm glad you're digging the blog...makes it worthwhile to keep on doing what I'm doing.

  4. I love Becca, and her make up! She was really nice and made for me /facepalm and *headdesk*. Those are my two go to neutrals!

  5. I like Chakra and Maid Service.

  6. Too bad their shipping is high. For 6 samples, one full size shadow & a lip balm they want $6.50 to mail to the US & $9.00 for international!!!

  7. I've tried Lucky 107 and love them. Great products and excellent customer service. I'm going to be back for a few more items soon.

  8. Never heard of them.
    I like the made with love part though.

    Reminds me of Slovene brand of beer, Laško, the labels for export(including to North America) bottles and cans had ''Brewed with love'' printed on them :D


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