Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Makeup Zombie Banner!


It's so rainy and gloomy here today and I LOVE IT!

Speaking of love, did you see my new banner? Isn't she beautiful? I have an up and coming semi-professional artist friend named Todd Alan Benevidez who created it for me. (Click the banner to be directed to his Etsy store!)

I adore the zombies that Todd creates (among his other work) and thought it would be awesome to see his take on "Makeup Zombie", thus my awesome new banner was born.

Take a look at his Deviant Art page HERE and follow him on Twitter! Show this dude some love!

Thanks again Todd!


  1. Love it! I'm gonna go check out all of the pages you linked. And I'm so jealous of your rain; that is actually one of the reasons we are thinking about moving to the PNW. :)

  2. It's cartoon Wendi! I love that she won't drop her lipstick even though that zombie looks like he's about to eat her brains, and that she even has your nose piercing!


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