Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rainbow Polish Cupcakes and Lollipop!


Just another week, but this week it's FALL! I love this time of year so so hard. It also helps that the Mists of Pandaria just released today and my husband happened to pre-order it for me a while back. I figured I'd have to wait until my birthday in October! Fun surprises are fun! Is anyone else playing World of Warcraft?

Last week I posted a review on Rainbow Polish as indie nail polish company on Etsy. You can see that post here. Today I have the continuation to that post. Today I'm swatching "Cupcakes" and "Lollipop" for you. I am insanely in love with Cupcakes. (The polish version too. haha)

First up: "Cupcakes"!

The macro shot.

"Cupcakes" of China Glaze "For Audrey"

I just love this glitter! I love the various sized glitter pieces, and especially the light pink squares. I love the tiny blue and pink glitter scattered without the polish. I love the white hexagonal pieces. I couldn't feel the glitter chunks on my nails after applying Sech Vite either. I am just in love with this! It looks amazing over a black base as well!

Next we have "Lollipop"!

The macro shot.

"Lollipop" over Essie "Blanc"

This reminds me SO much of those gigantic jawbreakers back when I was a kid in the 80's/early 90's. 

"Lollipop" was the mini sized bottle I received with my order. It is mini, but not small enough to make you wonder why even bother! This is another fun glitter with bright and different sized glitter throughout. So much fun and so many possibilities with this glitter! Again, once Sech Vite was applied, I could not feel the glitter on my nails.

I'm loving my glitter from Rainbow Polish and can't wait to purchase some more to play with, especially THIS one! Head on over to the Etsy shop and grab some bling for yourself!

*Products in this post were sent for review or purchased by me. All opinions are my own.


  1. Oh, I love these polishes!!! The pink and blue combo is my favorite

  2. Adorable! I love sassy glitters!! :-)

  3. Lollipop is so cool looking! I wish they shipped to China :(

    1. I wonder if you could find something similar in China?

  4. Cupcakes is really pretty and I love the combo you did with the CG. Lollipop looks just like a kiddy birthday party, lol.

  5. I really love the cupcakes combo!

  6. Oh wow! These are absolutely gorgeous! I am so loving glitter topcoats these days and there are so many good ones to choose from!

  7. Gorgeous!!! I'm just starting to get into Rainbow Polish and these are going right to my wishlist!!!

  8. Cupcakes looks so cute! I'm really like Rainbow Polish!

  9. We all love Cupcakes! The polish is pretty, too. ;) I especially like the jawbreaker one!


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