Saturday, October 13, 2012

Darling Diva Polish- review and SWATCHES!

Happy ass Saturday Zombies! (or what's left of it!)

This evening I am stoked to bring to you Darling Diva Polish, an Etsy based indie nail polish company! 

I received 3 full sized nail polish for review (descriptions from Etsy store):

Antares (inspired by the movie The Craft!): This is a blue jelly base with various blue and orange holo glitters as well some some blue and orange metalic glitters (some square) and blue to green iridescent shimmer.
Baby Got Back:This is a lovely light purple jelly polish full of purple (metallic) and lilac (holographic) glitters including a ton of glowy purple/blue shifting iridescent glitters.
Too Schmexxxy: This is a clear based glitter franken. It is flipping FULL of all things holographic! A few iridescent shapes thrown in here and there for good measure:)


Look at all that sparkle!

My thoughts!

Too Schmexxxy is just that TOO SEXY! There are large holographic glitter pieces, little holographic glitter pieces, stars, half moons, hexagonal pieces, and mico-holographic glitter. This polish is INSANE and over the top in a good way! Bling, bling! (I do recommend a good top coat for this polish as the pieces tend to stick up off the nail bed a bit.)

"Too Schmexxxy" Macro!

I am wearing China Glaze "Let's Groove" on all but the ring finger here. I have L'Oreal "The Temptresses' Touch" on my ring finger covered with "Too Schmexxxy." I applied Sech Vite topcoat as well.

Baby Got Back: I love all things purple, so this fun purple and blue glitter fits right in with my collection! I love that there are different shades of purple glitter and some that shift to blue in just the right light. This is a purple jelly, so you can wear over a base color or wear it alone and build it with a few coats!

"Baby Got Back" Macro!

I am wearing Zoya "Lotus" with "Baby Got Back" on the tips! I applied Sech Vite topcoat as well.

Antares: This glitter is my favorite of the bunch. This is based on the fact that I do not own a glitter at all similar to this one and it's so unique in the shades of glitter used. Antares is a very Halloween colored polish and looks good over any darker based nail polish. It was also inspired by the cult classic "The Craft" and is part of the Halloween 2012 collection from Darling Diva.

"Antares" Macro!

I am wearing Sinful Colors "Sugar Sugar" with "Antares" (sparingly) as bling! I applied Sech Vite topcoat as well.

Full sized bottles (15 ml) from Darling Diva Polish are $8.00 which I think is an absolute steal for unique and fun glitter topcoats! Everything was packed neatly, wrapped in bubble wrap, and arrived safe and sound! Darling Diva has a lot of fun glitter blends that I haven't seen much lately! I also love the entire Halloween collection and the fact that the blends are the typical orange, black, and purple. Go get yourself some!

Check Darling Diva Polish out on Facebook HERE!

Have you tried Darling Diva Polish? What are your favorite glitter blends from the company?

*products in this post were sent to MakeupZombie for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. soooooooo pretty *_______*

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  2. What fun glitters! I looove the purple one :)

  3. I love the mani you did with the purple!

  4. Great review! I love that green and purple mani, that is too awesome!


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