Monday, November 5, 2012

A few of my favorite things!


The start of a new week! I hope everyone had an amazing and eventful (or relaxing) weekend!

As the air outside gets cooler, my go-to makeup/nail polish colors change too! I want to share with you all a few of my favorite things as of right now, as I'm sure they will all change in another month!

Let's begin, shall we?


I've been desiring the perfect candy apple red color for my nails lately. I've had the *perfect* color in my head but didn't have a polish that fit the bill. That is, until I asked my friend Megan! She handed over Zoya's "Isla" and well, I'm hooked! Just LOOK AT IT! I used Manglaze's "Matte is Murder" on my accent nail with Jordana Cosmetics "Sequins" glitter on top. I adore this combo. I'd wear this all Winter if my tastes weren't so fickle and change on a whim. ;)


I've worn red lips almost every day this past week. I'm normally terrified of red lipstick because of the size of my lips but have discovered that if I mix the perfect red lipstick with a blue (cool) based pink, it gives me the perfect red without being too crazy! I still need to play around or just GO BOLD! On my eyes I'm wearing L'Oreal's Infallible eyeshadow in "Golden Emerald" and a black matte eyeshadow from Sleek.


We all know I love Zombie related "swag"! But did you know I'm also addicted to owls? My husband gave me 3 adorable owl necklaces for my birthday and I've worn them every day since. He purchased them at Walgreen's for $6.99. (I only know because we looked at them together at one point.)

Isn't he cute?

I'm curious to see what I'll be wearing the shiz out of in the next few months. I wonder if my tastes will change. What are your go-to beauty/clothing related items these days?



  1. Loving red lipstick on you! So gorgeous.
    And those owl necklaces are adorable (:

  2. You look hot in red lipstick! And I love owls too!

  3. The red lipstick looks gorgeous on you. My go-to lip colour is usually a pink; I'm working up the guts to try something different.

    I love owls. On jewelry, clothing, accessories, everything. :)

  4. Love those red lips! I used to worry about pulling off red because I have full-ish lips, but I still wear it every once in awhile. I'm getting my nerve up! And that necklace is so cute! I've actually been wearing a lot of "boring" colors this month; I have a new job at a bridal gown store, and they don't want us to pull attention from the bride! So, neutrals it is...


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