Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Influenster Cosmo VoxBox 2012!

Good morning Zombies!

I was lucky enough to receive the Cosmo VoxBox 2012 from Influenster earlier this week and I wanted to give you a preview of the goodies you should expect to receive if you're still waiting on yours.

All the stuffs!

"Forever Red" Eau de parfume from Bath and Body Works is such an amazing, sexy scent. It smells fresh and fruity but not overly so. The description: A passionate blend of pomegranate and red osmanthus with a sexy surprise of vanilla rum.

This was my favorite item in the Cosmo VoxBox. The bottle is .25 fl oz which is $10.00 from B&BW.

Yummmmm chocolate! Who doesn't like Ghirardelli chocolate? Sea Salt Escape? YES. $2.79 each.

FriXion by Pilot pens. An erasable pen? Yes please! They claim to erase the ink by friction with their rubber tips. And they work! Who knew? $4.50 for a 3-pack.

Versus Embrace by Gillette and Venus and Olay refill. Plus a $2.00 off coupon any Venus cartridge. I actually used this last night to shave my legs. I really like the handle and the close shave. It also left my legs feeling really soft! Prices may vary depending on where you're able to purchase this razor.

I really liked this Influenster box! I feel like Influenster is picking up the pace a bit with the products they are including in the boxes.

Did you get the Cosmo VoxBox 2012 or have you purchased any of these products and loved them?

*products in this post were provided by Influenster for review purposes.*


  1. I got one too! I'm not too fond of the pens. :/ LOVED the chocolate though! hah hah

  2. The chocolate looks delicious. Erasable ink pens were totally all the rage when I was in junior high. It didn't erase cleanly but like pencil left a slight mark when used. Perhaps these newer pens work better.

    1. You're right Iris. The pen leaves weird marks after being erased.

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