Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Morgana Cryptoria Lipstick SWATCHES!


I was finally able to get my hands on some more Morgana Cryptoria lipstick during a recent sale they were having. I picked up 5 lipstick and only 1 eyeshadow, which is odd for me. :D I love the lipstick so damn much, I had to show you them ALL! NOW! Sadly, Morgana is closed temporarily as a new site is being built but stay tuned to their Facebook fanpage for updates! You can also purchase some of Morgana's lipstick from this website!

Here are the goodies!

I purchased Twinkling Rubies, Passionflower, Fortune Teller, HemoGoblin, Raisin Shimmer lippies and Pentacle eyeshadow.

L to R: Passionflower, Fortune Teller, HemoGoblin, Twinkling Rubies, and Raisin Shimmer

Pentacle eyeshdaow:

I feel Pentacle is a deep chocolate brown with tons of multicolored sparkles. It's a gorgeous sparkly shade and super pigmented! This was a new Halloween color!

Hand swatches!

(Please excuse my bitch face in some of the pictures. hehe)

First up: Fortune Teller. A new Halloween shade. A gorgeous lavender with blue and pink sparkles. So lovely.

Next Passionflower! (My favorite of the bunch.) A gorgeous blue based deep pink with shimmer. So heavenly!

Twinkling Rubies! A gorgeous Ruby red with red sparkles. The PERFECT holiday red.

Raisin Shimmer: A gorgeous raisin shade with sparkles. I had slight trouble getting this to apply evenly to my lips, but it's such a pretty shade!

And HemoGoblin: A new Halloween shade. A brick red with a slight green shift. This one came in a jar and you'll need to use a lip brush or your fingers to apply.

Pentacle on the lid. I tried to capture the intense sparkle to no avail. But trust me, it's there! AND LOUD! I used Fyrinnae's "Moonchild" as the highlight.

As always, Morgana Cryptoria lipstick are super pigmented and creamy! The staying power is amazing as well. An average lipstick sells for $12.00.

Do you own any of these Morgana products? What are your favorites?


  1. I love Morgana's pigmentation on lippies, but the ones I have are almost drying, or rough to apply, gritty almost. Has it changed? I am a big fan of her eyeshadows though. At first not so much, but the more I used, the more I loved them.

    1. I believe Melissa recently reformulated the lippies. This batch is not drying at all. They are all smooth and creamy. Raisin Shimmer was the only one I had slight issues with but only because I couldn't get it to cover my whole bottom lip. That happens to me a lot with ANY lipstick.

  2. Do I own any? Umm.. at least 40 of her lip products, probably more, not to mention eye shadows. She makes a lovely product. I have Twinkling Rubies, but I might have to agree with you on Passionflower, that's my favorite on you. I'll be adding it to my list!

    1. Twinkling Rubies has been on my list for ages. I'm so in love! Passionflower is a must my dear!

  3. I've never tried her eyeshadows but Pentacle looks just like the kind of shade I've been loving recently!

  4. Passionflower is absolutely my favorite lippie of all time.

  5. Aw Wendi, I miss your pretty face!!! Passionflower looks awesome on you! And I DESPERATELY want Pentacle. I really hope it's still available when she reopens.

    1. I miss you too my friend! You NEED Pentacle! NEEEED!

  6. I just recently heard of this brand! I ordered a lipstick called Fire Brick and I'm in love with it :)

  7. I think all of these colours are just so beautiful but I'm still a bit in love with Twinkling Rubies :D The eyeshadow is gorgeous too!

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  9. Oh I love the color of Fortune Teller! I only have a few older lippies from Morgana, and though I love the colors I found them a bit dry in the formula. But I'm interested in trying new ones soon!

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  12. I just got Fortune Teller as well and I love it! The blue sparkles in it are awesome!


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