Thursday, March 29, 2012

11 Things about MOI!

Hey Zombies!

It's been a while since I've done an "about me" post, so I thought I'd give it a go. The lovely Phyrra, tagged me last week and I'm just not getting around to doing it myself. Let's jump right in!

The Rules
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus eleven questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your tag.
4. Email the person to let them know that they’ve been tagged.
5. No tag backs.
6. You legitimately have to tag.

1. Are there any colors of eye shadow or lipstick that you just won’t wear? 
I am NOT a fan of brown, in any form. It just does not look good on me, and it flashes me back to mid-school when that's the ONLY color I would wear, cause it was the *it* thing in the 90's. Not for me at all.
2. What’s your latest makeup obsession?
Currently, I'm seriously into nail polish/nail art. I have so much eyeshadow, so many different shades of lipstick, but my nail polish collection is smaller and needs some love. I'm most proud of this mani.

3. What’s your favorite color for spring this year?
Hot pink baby! Hot pink, hot coral, hot fuchsia. Those are the colors/hues, I think of for Spring. And for my eyes, teals, purples, and blues.
4. Do you have a favorite flower?
I adore multicolored Tulips.
5. What’s one product that was hyped up that let you down?
This is a tough one. It's been a few months now since something has totally blown me away or let me down as I haven't really been purchasing makeup like I use to. I think what happens more to me is that I get really excited about a certain color and get it home (or in the mail) and it's nothing like I expected. That bums me out.

6. What’s your favorite hair color on you?
Blonde. It's been years since I've been blonde, and it is fun! I dyed my hair "chocolate cherry" about 11 years ago and since we ALL know that red is so hard to get out of hair, it was a long process to get me back to blonde. I don't think I'll ever dye the upper portion of my hair again, since it was so hard to get back to this. But I'll still play around with the lower (underneath) portion of my hair.

7. What’s your favorite pet?
My kids. Seriously.. lol I don't have any pets as of now, since we're in the depths of young children. But eventually, we'll get a family dog or two.
8. What is your favorite genre of books to read?
I love to read murder mysteries and books with substance and meaning. I'm also a huge sucker for History and Documentaries. (Though, I mostly watch TV shows about the latter.) I have very little time to read, so when I do, I want the book to move me.

9. If you were asked to make your dream makeup or nail polish collection, what would be in it? (colors, finishes, products) How would you name it?
I would have an entire "Glitter Zombie" collection made up. The brighter, louder, glittery-er (?), the better. I'm a sucker for duo-chromes and would want each color to have some sort of color shift. I'd want my collection to be eyeshadow and lipstick- lovely blues, purples, corals, oranges, teals, pinks, greens, blacks, etc.

10. If you could only pick one foundation to wear, what would it be?
I don't experiment much with foundation, as I don't wear much. I'm open to ideas though. *hint hint*

11. What’s one makeup item/collection that you skipped that you regret missing?
MAC's "Candy Yum Yum" lipstick. Of all of the makeup out there, and even though I have a close "dupe" to this color, I'm bummed I missed out. I'm also bummed that it costs and arm and a leg to purchase from the scalpers on Ebay.

I’m tagging the following people: Please only play along if you want to. NO PRESSURE! (Do it!)

Amanda:Snarky Princess
Robyn: Stay Beautiful
Peachy (Jill): Just Peachy
Andrea (Evil Angel): Black nail polish and lip gloss
Jessica: Better of Redhead
Lady Bethezda: Bethezda's Preoccupations
Lisanne: Lisanne blogt
Emily: Makeup Fancy
Kristin: Manicured Monkey
The Girls: Eyegraffti
Olgiepolgie:Makeup & things by olgiepolgie

And my questions to you are:

  1. How old were you when you first became interested in makeup/nail polish?
  2. What sparked your interest in makeup for the first time?
  3. Where are you from and give a little insight to the area.
  4. What's your favorite food/drink?
  5. Tell us a little about your family/background?
  6. What's your favorite or go to beauty product?
  7. What's one makeup trend these days you don't like?
  8. How/where do your store your makeup/ nail polish stash?
  9. What do you love most about Spring?
  10. Tell us something about you we may not know.
  11. If you could get ONE beauty item for free for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Eyes! My Face! My Nails!


I did a bit of a mish mash of things to myself yesterday, and well, wanted to show you all of it. Here we go!

The Goods:
TFSI as primer
Maybelline eye tattoo in "Too Cool" as base
Sugarpill "Lumi" main lid and as highlight
Sugarpill "Stella" blended into crease
Sugarpill "Tiara" above crease
Sugarpill "Starling" lower lash line
Random liner and mascara

Milani Haute Flash gloss in "Quick Flash"

And then...late in the night, I did THIS.
The Goods:
Milani base coat
Manglaze "Matte is Murder" base color
Nerd Lacquer "Warrior Ethos" main color
Finger Paints "Motley" to top it all off
China Glaze Fast Forward top coat

Like I said..random! But I had fun playing around with makeup and pretties!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Totally Tubular Showcase for NTMS!


Last week, we had a little "showcase" or "challenge" in my Facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle! to create a look that was "Totally Tubular 80's" themed. It was completely open to interpretation and was SO much fun seeing what everyone came up with.

(For the ladies who did a blog post with their look, click on their names to be directed to their blogs and see the full posts.)

Make sure you click the MORE link below to see all of the looks!


!Matte Murdered My Polka Dots!


Catchy title, eh? It's only really because I couldn't think of anything clever. So, here, look at my nails!

The Goods:
Milani Base Coat
ManGlaze "Matte is Murder" as base color
Milani "White on the Spot" white dots
Milani "Jiffy Orange" orange dots
Colorclub "Raspberry Rush" pink dots
China Glaze Fast Forward top coat

Happy Sunday everyone!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Totally Tubular Look for NTMS!


This weeks theme in my makeup Facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle was "Totally Tubular 80's!"...and, well, this is what I came up with!

Lace gloves of awesome and win!

My inspiration:

Though, I decided to just run with it...zombie style.

Played around with the colors on this one..

Ok, this was SO fun...and I mean SOMUCHFUN! I was a little girl in the 80's but old enough to envy all the pretty older girls with bright pink lips! It was fun to be that chick with the bright pink lips.

Without the crazy hair.

The Goods:
TFSI as primer
Maybelline Eye Tattoo in "Too Cool" as base
Wet N Wild single shadow in "Penny" main lid
Evil Shades "Atomic" (which is a blush) lightly patted on top of Penny
MAC "Push the Edge" pigment blended into crease
MUA single shadow #24 applied above crease and to blend
MUA single shadow #8 lower lash line
MAC "Shroom" as highlight
random liner and mascara

ELF "Fuchsia Fusion" blush
Evil Shades "Atomic" blended on top of FF

NYX slime lip liner in "Fuschia" to fill in lips
Covergirl "Spellbound" lipstick on top

I hope you like this as much as I do.. I'm pretty proud of my fun 80's look. I really do miss the 80's..the music, the trends, the people, MTV being about MUSIC, etc. Good time, good times.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Black Rose Minerals haul and swatches!


It's almost Friday and I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Tuesday. My 7 year old finally had to correct me. haha I think I left my brain in California.

A few weeks ago, Black Rose Minerals was having a pretty nice sale, so I decided to take part! I've heard of the company for ages now and was excited to finally place an order. I've got it all swatched for you today!

I loved all the stickers and confetti! What a cute personal touch! The invoice was neatly folded into the cute white envelope with the stamped rose. Beautiful! 

Rosa included 4 free samples with my order! The baggies have 1/8 tsp of product, but it seems like more. :D

I was *slightly* bummed that the jars did not have sifters, because when I opened them, there was product all over the threads and lots of wasted eyeshadow. But, I can work around that. ;)

*eyeshadow swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy*

I can't even convey in these pictures the amount of gorgeous sparkle in a lot of these shades. Oracle and Spike especially. Spike is hands down my favorite of the group! I also adore It's Electric, Killer Queen, and Scabbed Wings!

These colors are unique and pigmented! I'm very pleased with my order!

Have you tried Black Rose Minerals? What are your favorite shades?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just Playin' Around, LOTD!


I felt like playing with my makeup today! I was short on time, so I decided to pair teal and purple and keep it pretty simple, seeing as how I was headed to the doctor. But, I did grab some pictures! Let me just say..Violet pigment from MAC, is GORGEOUS!

My nose is peeling, as I got a little sun from our fun Disney trip!

The Goods:
TFSI as primer
Darling Girl "Starry Night" paint pot as base
Loreal Infallible eyeshadow in "Perpetual Purple" over base
MAC "Violet" pigment patted on top of PP
MAC "Steamy" blended above crease
MAC "Rain Drop" pigment blended into crease and down into lower lash line
MUA #9 blended into lower lash line and tear duct area
MAC "Shroom" as highlight
random liners and mascara

Hard Candy "Living Doll" blush

MAC "Violetta" blotted

Colorful, yet simple and not too over the top for the doctor!

Touching on *over the top*. What are your thoughts on when someone says that makeup is just a woman's way of concealing her insecurities with herself? Me personally, I view makeup as art, expression, fun. I don't wear it to *hide* anything and I'm just as comfortable without makeup than I am with. I'm curious your take on this.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Darling Girls Cosmetics "Only One Can Win" collection!

Good evening Zombies!

The week before I left for vacation, I purchased Obviously a Wig and Mayor's Daughter from Darling Girl Cosmetic's newest "Only One Can Win" collection inspired by The Hunger Games. I was so excited to see that Susan sent me the whole collection to swatch for you all! <3 So, let's just get right to it. (I won't pretend for a second I know what the names meanings are. I haven't read the books, but they are on my to-do list!)

This is one of those posts, you MUST click the images for maximum bas-ass-ness.

Pretty pretty jars!

Flash- jars in order as above

Natural Light

Swatches baby!

Just LOOK at that sparkle!

Yep..Obviously a Wig IS that awesome in person, if not more so. I adore Mayor's Daughter as well, which reminds me a lot of Darling Girl's Evil Empire eyeshadow. Songbird Weaponry and Fire Inside are both intense, rich colors full of sparkle that you need to see in person to appreciate. This collection is gorgeous!

Do you see any colors you can't live without?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Zoya Beach and Surf 2012 Press Release!

Announcing Summer 2012 nail color by Zoya Nail Polish!

BEACH and SURF dive into the color...

New nail colors - coming soon to a salon near you and!
Summer 2012 is going to be a super stylish season for nails with the latest offering of nail polish collections, Beach and Surf, from the new color of fashion, Zoya! This new splash of color, designed by the Zoya color experts, is kissed by sea and sand translating beautifully onto the nail in the famous, full-coverage Zoya formula.

Dive into the creamy shades of the Zoya Beach Collection or the shimmering sea foils of the Zoya Surf Collection. The choice is yours – this color palette is sure to be a splash!

Zoya BEACH Collection
  • Reagan (ZP614) - deep cerise pink cream
  • Lara (ZP615) - vivid cerise pink cream
  • Shelby (ZP616) - soft pinky pink cream
  • Arizona (ZP617) - soft coral orange cream
  • Tracie (ZP618) - sea grass metallic
  • Wednesday (ZP619) - soft aqua cream
Zoya SURF Collection
  • Rory (ZP620) - lotus pink foil metallic
  • Carly (ZP621) - thalia purple foil metallic
  • Kimber (ZP622) - magenta pink foil metallic
  • Myrta (ZP623) - coral orange foil metallic
  • Meg (ZP624) - mermaid green foil metallic
  • Zuza (ZP625) - aquamarine foil metallic
Zoya is the new color of fashion... 
The Zoya BEACH and SURF collection was designed and inspired by resort runways and tropical get-a-ways.
Ultra long-wearing, glossy nail lacquers by Zoya are free of harmful industrial chemicals like toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) that are known to cause cancer and birth defects.
Find Zoya BEACH and SURF as well as over 300 other ultra high-fashion Zoya shades at As always, each and every Zoya color is made for women so we name them after women.

BEACH and SURF by Zoya Nail Polish - 12 new colors:
Available April 1, 2012 (USA)
Sug. Retail $8.00 per 0.5 fl.oz. bottle (US).

I am so excited about Meg, Lara, Kimber, Carly, and Zuza!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Disney Showcase for NTMS!


Last week, we had a little "showcase" or "challenge" in my Facebook group Never Too Much Sparkle! to create a look that was "Disney" themed. Because...I was in Disneyland this week! We had SO much fun, it was so much fun seeing my kids so full of joy and excitement. BESTVACATIONEVER!

(picture taken our first day. Post to come with more pics!)

This challenge was completely open to interpretation and was SO much fun seeing what everyone came up with. (For the ladies who did a blog post with their look, click on their names to be directed to their blogs and see the full posts.)

Make sure you click the MORE link below to see all of the looks!

Anna as Jafar

Friday, March 16, 2012

Guest Post with Lady Bethezda!

**MZ is on a small hiatus in the wonderful world of Disney! I've asked some terrific bloggers to look after the blog while I'm gone!**

Hi! I'm Lady Bethezda and I blog at Bethezda's Preoccupations where I ramble on and on about makeup and alternative culture. Wendi has kindly invited me to do a guest blog today and I am more that happy to oblige!

Lately I've been trying to tweak my eyeliner techniques. I'm still not at the skill level I want to be but the only way I'm going to get better is with practice. My goal is to be able to do liquid eyeliner straight out of the bottle, quick and easy with no brushes and no smudges. I'm sooooo not there yet but a gal can dream right?
I've recently discovered Jordana Semi-Permanent Liquid Liner in Endless Black. I'm loving this liner because it stays put, it's super cheap and the brush is very small and fine; perfect for detail work. All of my liner work in this look is done with the brush from this bottle.

Another one of my recent finds is Scaredy Cat Cosmetics. I took advantage of their sample vials, 10 colors for $10 and you get to choose the colors. Please visit my blog for the rest of the swatches and a review but here are a few colors I put together in a look.

MAC Studio Fix Powder NW15
Bobbie Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose Shimmer on cheeks

NYX HD Primer
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics in Unicorn Breath (white), applied to inner corners of lid
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics in Muertos (charcoal), applied to cut and crease as well as lower lash line
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics in Chakra (blue), applied to outer corner of lid and lower lash line
Jordana Liquid Liner in Endless Black, all liner work
MAC Zoom Lash mascara
Black Cherry Lashes #106
Maycheer Brow Powder in Black
Kryolan CEL Sealer over brows

MAC liner in Quartz
Loreal Infallible Lipgloss in Sangria
MAC Lipglass in Viva Glam V

Don't you just love the packaging on the Scaredy Cat Cosmetics? Too cute!

I want to give a HUGE thanks to Wendi for having me! XOXO Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see some of you over at Bethezda's Preoccupations.
You are such a stunning woman! Thank you so much for the guest post! <3