Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Amy's Nail Boutique Review and SWATCHES!


I have a fun review for you today. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to try out an Etsy based nail polish company called Amy's Nail Boutique. Amy specializes in fun, franken glitter nail polish blends.

Per the Etsy store:

Welcome to Amy's Nail Boutique! All polishes are handmade with the finest ingredients by yours truly. Most are available in both full size (15mL) and mini (5mL). Polish is my passion and I am so happy to share it with you! In most instances, all polishes are ready to ship when ordered (with the exception of customs) and will ship same/next business day. Please feel free to message me for custom or bulk orders. Also, like me on Facebook for shop announcements: facebook.com/AmysNailBoutique and http://pinterest.com/amy24elmo

I received 4 small mini sized nail polish to try out. These are new to the shop for 2013.

Descriptions per website:

Soft Kitty: charcoal flakies in a clear base with multi-sized silver holo glitter. I added just a touch of pink flakie to this so that it gives off a faint pink flash when the light hits it!
Fancy Schmancy: a gorgeous mix of turquoise, grape, fuschsia, chartreuse and blue glitter in several shapes and sizes in a clear base. Dots! Squares! Hex!
Over the Rainbow:a white based polish with all the colors of the rainbow with black and blue stars!
Cop a Teal: a beautiful mix of copper and teal glitters in a clear base

Everything arrived safe and sound, wrapped in bubble wrap within a bubble mailer. I love the fancy labels on each bottle. :D

*Outside natural light. First picture alone, second the polish over a black base. Please chick images for maximum awesome.

Ok, let me just stop you right here. Do you SEE Soft Kitty in the picture below on the far right? DO YOU SEE IT? All the holographic awesome in the world. I am in love.

I just love this picture because of all the shiny bling!

So, I'm basically in love with Soft Kitty. Alone it's pretty sweet, but slap it over a black or darker base, and watch it shine. By far my favorite from the 4 polish I received. I really adore Over the Rainbow as well, because STARS, but it's a little trickier to apply. It's a bit thicker than the rest and take a few coats to get it just right, however, once it's applied and the stars are in the right spots, it's just awesome. Fancy Schmancy is unique in that it has square glitter bits and and I love the copper glitter in Cop a Teal. The names are unique and quirky as are the polish. Super fun! Everyone should go right now and purchase Soft Kitty! PURR PURR PURR!

Mini sized (5mL) nail polish from Amy's Nail Boutique are $4.50 and full size (15mL) are $8.00. Pretty damn reasonable in my opinion! Check out the matte glitter that Amy's has to offer, they all look pretty tempting!

You can follow Amy's Nail Boutique on Facebook HERE!

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  1. They are lovely and adorable!! Agree with you on Soft Kitty!! SO awesome!

  2. Soft Kitty!!! I also really like Fancy Schmancy over black, it looks like a party!

    1. Yep, everyone needs Soft Kitty yesterday!

  3. STARS. But also, Soft Kitty is really amazing!


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