Friday, February 1, 2013

Purple and Pink, LOTD!


I asked people on my Facebook fan page to pick my eyeshadow colors a few days ago. My niece Eli requested pink and purple and so I went with it. I wasn't planning on blogging this look, but it's too pretty not to share. Sadly, I didn't take any photos of it with my camera, so the pictures are all from my iPhone. You still get the point!

The Goods:
TFSI as primer
Tick:Tock Cosmetics eyeshadow base in "Milky Way"
Fyrinnae "When I Grow Up" main lid and inner lower lash line
Tick:Tock Cosmetics "Midlife Crisis" blended into and above crease and outer lower lash line
Matte black blended into outer v and crease
Fyrinnae "Moon Child" as brow bone highlight and tear duct area
Random liner and mascara

Sephora blush in "Afterglow"

Morgana Cryptoria "Fortune Teller and Passionflower" mixed.

I adore this look so hard! If I do say so myself!



  1. Yay! So glad you decided to blog this look. So pretty!

    Lou x

    1. You were the inspiration to blog about it! :D

  2. OMG, I did an almost IDENTICAL look a month ago.. that is sooo scary. At first I though it was someone who had re created my look, but I guess not. But they look SO similar.. Nice one though :) xx

    Check mine out and tell me, don't they look so similar lol?

  3. I love the bright colors! Very pretty!

  4. This is so pretty, Wendi! I wish I had your talent. I was wanting to do a pink and purple look, and this one is just brilliant! Your iPhone takes such better pictures than mine, lol!

    1. Good brushes and lots of practice, that's all it takes. :D

  5. Love it! It's nice to see some bold, colourful looks!


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