Thursday, February 21, 2013

Splurges! Too Faced and a tattoo!


I don't know why I can't seem to get motivated to post regularly. Life, maybe? Whatever it is, I need to stop doing it. Tonight, I decided to pull out the big guns and do a blog post way past my bedtime. This might just become a *thing*...maybe. lol

A few weeks ago, I had some extra money (tax return!) and was able to do with it what I wanted. This only happens very rarely in my world, so I decided to do something I've always wanted to do....get a tattoo! But before that, I ran to Sephora and picked up the Too Faced "The Return of Sexy" palette. I've been eyeballing it for some time, because of the names of the eyeshadow within the palette and because it came with a full sized eyeliner. So, of course, I had to swatch it for you! I'm pretty excited about some of the colors. Others, I could take or leave..and the tattoo? Well, I'll happily take it forever.

So, let's have a look. Please click images for maximum awesome. 

This set contained:

- 15 x 0.035 Eye Shadows
- 0.04 oz Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Perfect Black
- 0.17 oz Deluxe Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer

Back of the box

Front of the box

Front of palette

Inside of palette with flash

Inside of palette with eyeliner and a mini Shadow Insurance that came with palette.

From L to R- top to bottom: Naive, Pink Diamond, 7 Year Itch, Ingenue, Innocent, New in Town, Icon, Divorcee, Hopeless Romantic, Bombshell, Hollywood, Maneater, Casting Couch, Primadonna, and Beautymark.

Nifty little eyeshadow chart that I will probably never reference, but it's neat for beginners! (The card IS two sided as well.)


I adore Hopeless Romatic, Primadonna, Maneater, and Beautymark. Pink Diamond is a fantastic highlight for under your brown bone. Perfect Black eyeliner is the PERFECT black and lasts forever. I feel this palette was well worth the price because it came with the eyeliner and I'm pretty impressed with MOST over the shades in the palette. Everything is really pigmented and sparkly, with the exception of Naive and Pink Diamond. Plus, the names are just hilarious!

And....drumroll please! Here is the new addiction to my forearm. He's bigger than I'd planned, but I love him so so much! The pain was an interesting pain..not horrible, not pleasant..interesting. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

I hope you've enjoyed my late night postling! It's been fun..almost therapeutic! Until next time!

*all products and tattoos were purchased by me, with my very own mad money! 


  1. Just recently made my first non-indie purchases in a long time also splurges, haven't tried Too Faced yet, but those purples look promising. You know me, I'm the purple eye shadow ho.

  2. That is a really pretty palette. The tattoo is amazing and perfectly you!

  3. All of us indie girls are buying these fun pricey palettes! This one is pretty and I love the names too. Your owl is daaahling!!

    1. I know. I made a huge MAC haul lately too. I don't know what's up with me. LOL! Thank you, I love my little owl.

  4. I really like some of those colors...Divorcee, Hopeless Romantic, Primadonna and Maneater are really pretty. And the tattoo is super adorbs! But they are addicting and unfortunately pricey.

  5. I adore this palette! That eyeliner is absolutely amazing too. I don't know how I survived without it. Your owl is adorable!

  6. Hopeless Romantic is the one that caught my eye here. And you know I love your little owl, he's perfect for you!

  7. I want this so bad. I did the same thing with my taxes. I bought smash ox smoke box 2, glinda palette and the natural eye palette. They were out of the return of sexy. Boo.


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