Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Mexico Sunset, LOTD.

Good morning Zombies!

I actually did a full makeup yesterday and wanted to share it with you. I was inspired by my love of the New Mexico skies. Though I didn't incorporate all the colors you'll see in a sunset here, the more I added to this look, the more it reminded me of a summer evening sky here. So, that's my story.

Remember to click images for maximum awesome!

(crappy iPhone pics ahead)

The Goods:
TFSI as primer
NYX jumbo pencil in "Milk" as base
Sleek Makeup Curacao palette for blue/turquoise main lid and lower lash line colors
Sleek Makeup Sunset palette for copper colors above crease- also the matte black to deepen crease
randm liner and mascara

Milani Minerals blush in "Luminous"

NYX lip liner in "Mauve"
Stila "Hibiscus" lip gloss on top

I hope you all have a wonderful day today!


  1. Gorgeous! That shade of blue is so beautiful and bright.

  2. That copper color totally ties into your hair! Beautiful look, though I think NM sunsets are a little more fiery in my neck of the woods. ;)


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