Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Morgana Cryptoria lipstick swatches!

Good evening Zombies!

A month or so ago, Morgana Cryptoria was having a pretty rad sale, and I decided I should snag some of their lipstick. Morgana lipstick are some of my favorites on the indie market and anytime I'm able to buy them (especially on sale), I take full advantage. This time, I placed an order for 5 new lipsticks. A few of them I've been lusting over for a while and a couple of them were spontaneous buys. Check them out!

I ordered:
Soulless Ginger (spontaneous)
Buried Poison (lusted after)
Candy Apple (lusted after)
Blood and Roses (lusted after)
Boysenberry (spontaneous)

*Click images for extra awesome!

Lip swatches!

Hand swatches- natural light

My absolute favorite from the bunch is Buried Poison. Though it may look similar to Boysenberry in the swatches, it's a deeper purple with a much stronger blue sheen to it. Candy Apple is the is the only one of the group that's more matte than the rest and hugs my lips perfectly. Soulless Ginger has amazing pink sparkles that shine in the tube, in swatches, and on the lips! I adore this lipstick, hard. I'm still playing with it, as I'm not use to this type of color on my lips, but so far I think we will make it work. Boysenberry was the only lipstick of the group I had a harder time applying and getting to stick to my lips. I discovered that if I apply it to my hand first which kind of warms it up before applying to my lips, it's easier to work with an spreads more evenly. Blood and Roses, is just...beautiful. I love the bold, rich berry color and the slight flash of blue. As always, Morgana's lipstick are pigmented, creamy, and last a long time on the lips!

I'm in love with my teeny haul. Beautiful lipstick makes me a very happy girl!

Have you tried any of the new (or old) Morgana Cyrptoria's lipsticks? What are your favorites?


  1. all these shades look great on you!

  2. Buried Poison and Boysenberry are gorgeous!

  3. Love Buried Poison. Not a color I can wear, but damn if it's not exquisite to look at. I love Morgana's formula, but I'm one of those weirdos who likes lighter shades so there aren't a lot of options for me. :( Wish I were more ballsy and could wear the brights & darker shades.

    1. Buried Poison is so lovely and build-able! I bet you could pull it off! Go for it!

  4. hey Wendi, omg almost had a heart attack, i thought your blog was gone. i haven't been near internet in a couple months, and i went to and it wasn't there! then i googled makeup zombie and here you are, your own dot com. :) i've been reading your blog for years now and i love it, please never stop blogging. <3

    1. No way man! I'm here to stay! :D Thank you for such a lovely comment. It really made my day.

  5. Wow, they're all such great colours. How is it that you can pull off any lip colour? Jealous!


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