Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wet N Wild "On Edge" Cream eyeliner! Initial thoughts.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Last week, I was at Walgreens and had some award savings to cash in.. As I was wandering around the makeup aisle (as I tend to do sometimes) I noticed the new Wet N Wild "On Edge" cream eyeliner in "Little Black Dress" which is part of the recent 'Fergie Collection'. For $4.99 (minus my reward) I decided to snag it.

Let's just say... I wasn't too impressed.

The liner came with a eyeliner brush which was pretty much worthless for eyeliner. I see it being much more effective for applying lipstick or lip gloss. For the sake of this post however, I went with it and applied my liner with the brush that came with the liner.

In the jar, the cream liner is a beautiful inky black! I was really excited to see how this bad boy would apply and just how intense of a black line I could get it.

Sadly, it fell a bit short. These swatches are 3 swipes of product. I was hoping it would be much more build-able but unfortunately it was pretty splotchy. The product itself was waxy on my hand and if I tried to apply more to cover up a splotchy area, it would take more product off. It just didn't want to apply evenly.

I figured maybe it was my hand was too oily which could be causing the product to react that way, so I tried it on my eye. One swipe of liner across my upper lash line wasn't enough (I typically do not have oily lids), so I let it set for a moment and tried again, but then it dragged some of the product already on my eye off of it. And so round and round we go until I finally just sort of 'gave up' and snapped this photo. It looks better in the picture than it did in real life. Toward the bottom of my lash line, there were definite streaks and areas missing liner. Plus, the brush provided is a bit too thick to apply eyeliner.

I had pretty high expectations for this eyeliner because personally I love cream liners. I was really excited, but ended up feeling like it was just more work than it was worth. I have pencil liners that glide on much smoother and more pigmented than this one. I AM going to give it one more try with full eyeshadow (primer, base, eyeshadow) and using an angled liner brush to see if that makes any sort of difference. Stay tuned!


  1. so im not crazy this same thing happened to me picked it up a few days ago im going to try a different brush and see how it applies im not a fan of that brush at all its too thick.

  2. That's a bummer. I like the Maybelline and ELF ones though.

  3. I wish the Wet n Wild cream eyeliner brush came with a lid. When used the day before, the cream dried up and the brush got hard, making it a little difficult to use again. Otherwise, the eyeliner is great.


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