Thursday, September 12, 2013

Impulse Cosmetics Halloween 2013 Collection!


And so it begins...that time of year when all the fun and ghouly makeup/cosmetics and bath and body collections begin getting released in the indie world. Fall is my favorite time of year and with all the fun Fall/Halloween collections, it makes it that much more wonderful for me.

First up, I have the Halloween Collection from Impulse Cosmetics swatched for you.  I was also sent two lippies to try and a cosmetic glitter.

It's been overcast the last week, so some of  the pictures aren't as bright as normal.


Per the Etsy store description:
 You will receive (1) fullsize, 5 gram jar (with a sifter) of each shade:

"Incantation" cosmetic glitter (a mix of purple, orange, and green holographic glitters)
"Fright Night" eyeshadow (red with a gold/lime colorshift)
"Bump in the Night" eyeshadow (midtoned grey with a green colorshift)
"Pick Your Poison" eyeshadow (bright yellow with a lime green colorshift)
"Poltergeist" eyeshadow (midtoned grey with a icey blue color shift)
"Braainz" eyeshadow (charcoal with a red duochrome and green shimmer)
"Ghoul's Night Out" eyeshadow (blue-ish purple with a red/pink colorshift and gold/red/pink shimmer)
"Monster Mash" eyeshadow (purple with an emerald green colorshift)
"Macabre Moon" eyeshadow (Blue with a royal gold colorshift)
"Hocus Pocus" eyeshadow (blue with a red colorshift)

Each jar contains roughly 1/2 tsp.

Swatches! Make sure you click each image to see the colors better.

This collection is SO fun! I love the duo-chrome of several of the colors, while a few gave me a bit of trouble. Hocus Pocus and Macabre Moon have a heavy royal blue base and each color wanted to blend down to just the base. I used Pixie Epoxy from Fyirnnae for my swatches, which is good at adhering glitter and sparkle to the skin. Both of these colors would separate the base color from the sparkle of duo-chrome color. I figured out that by patting the color on instead of swiping it on the skin gave me much better results. Each color is so lovely, but the base color tends to overpower. Braainz had a similar issue, but not quite as apparent. As for the rest of the shades in this collection, each one was super pigmented, blendable and had quite the duo-chrome effect. I believe Monster Mash just might be my favorite of the lot, followed closely by Fright Night and Bump in the Night.

Now, let's talk about Incantation. Everyone loves sparkle, myself included. And the more glitter the better! I love the different colored glitter pieces that make up this blend. Description per store: Incantation is a custom blended cosmetic glitter, comprised of holographic purples, oranges, and greens. 

I also know that several people, myself included, are a little worrisome when it comes to cosmetic glitters and what is or is not considered eye safe. I contacted Madison the owner of Impulse to confirm her glitter blends were safe for eye wear. This was her response: "Anything that is not the approved particle size for eye use is noted (it will say: Not approved for use on your eyes). Otherwise, yes. :)"

And my thoughts on this. Yes, I do believe Incantation is ok to wear on or around the eyes. To the touch, the glitter is fine and does not feel gritty at all. The particle size is teeny and super fine. I personally can not WAIT to wear this for Halloween- or really, any other time of the year. :D

Madison also sent along two of her lipsticks for me to try out and swatch. She sent me Two Timer and Melancholy. Two Timer is a matte bright cheery red with a blue flash and Melancholy is a matte deep blue based purple.

Clam shells for sample lipstick

Two Timer awesome! My swatch is two swipes, but I could have achieved full and opaque average with one. It's bright and smooth, creamy and pigmented. It lasted on my lips forever. I love that it dried down to a matte finish without being drying.  There is a slight blue flash which I love about this lipstick. This was a total winner for me.

Melancholy is....beautiful but slightly more difficult to apply. I don't own such a rich dark purple shade and when I had it on I felt super bad ass. The issue was getting it to apply evenly to my lips. I used a lip brush for both swatches, but you'll definitely need a brush for this one (unless you get it in a tube) not only for cleanliness and sanitary reasons, but because to me it was the best way to get it to spread evenly. My swatch of Melancholy was 3 swipes and it took a lot of work to get the middle portion of my bottom lip covered. I love love love the color and I'm willing to work with it a bit more to get it to work for me. I will try warming the clam shell up slightly in my hand next time before application. I'll keep everyone posted! :D

Overall, I'm super excited about the Halloween Collection from Impulse and I'm excited to use them in different looks to test them out further. You can purchase the entire Halloween Collection for $35.00 or buy them individually (full sized 1/2 tsp) for $3.99.

Do any of the shades scream your name?

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*products in this post were sent to MZ for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own and honest. 


  1. These are great swatches! I'm so excited to get my order now! :D

  2. I think they're very promising as a company...I really want that glitter!

  3. gorgeous shadows and that red lippy looks fabulous!

  4. I love those lippies too. Wow! And her prices are totally reasonable.

  5. Um Incantation is incredible?! Must get that!

  6. Some pretty shadows, but you know Melancholy grabs my attention. One can never have enough shades of purple lipstick.

  7. I just received an order from Impulse Cosmetics and I absolutely love their lipsticks! I also got an eyeshadow that is great too, but the lip colours.... amazing!!! I got a navy blue called smoking gun and it is the best colour I have ever used, even if the formula isn't the best. Great review.

  8. Amazing swatches, thank you! I just added a bunch to my wishlist :D


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