Sunday, September 1, 2013

MOI Cosmetics swatches!

Happy Saturday Zombies!

My friend Holly over at MOI Cosmetics (an indie cosmetic company I've trusted since I first started blogging way back in 2009) sent me a fun care package that I thought I'd swatch for you! I'm drooling over these colors! (Thanks again Holly!)

*I realized when editing my photos, I failed to swatch Wicked Madd. I'm not even sure how it escaped me. I'll describe it below as best I can. I also spelled "Peeper" PEPPer on one of the photos. *face palm*

Click images for maximum awesome.

New packaging called "Shadow Shots"

Hooray swatches! (Eyeshadow swatched over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.)

Outside in the shade

Holy mother of sparkle are these shades amazing or what? I was surprised by the complexity of some of the eyeshadow- such as Lost City. I didn't expect the pink sparkles within the icy blue base. Lucky in Love has an amazing purple sheen to it which was also unexpected. It's Electrifying was SO bright and pigmented it gave me an "O" face. Time Lord is another complex shade- a coral color with a beautiful pink shift to it. I quite love all of the shades Holly picked out for me, and don't think I could name a favorite. Wicked Madd (the shade I failed to swatch) is a lovely Mauve with a green sheen and green sparks.

Lip gloss too!

Lip swatches of the gloss

Everyone should also check out MOI Cosmetics on Facebook HERE and stay updated on exciting things happening at MOI.

Do you see anything from this group you're just dying to have?

*products in this post were sent to MZ as a gift, which I chose to swatch. All opinions are 100% my own and honest.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous colours! I'll definitely be checking out this line of cosmetics afterall who doesn't love a hidden gem?

    Debra Bros Blog

  2. These are some very nice colours, I really like Blurpie!

  3. Your amazing! I'm so pleased you liked them all=)


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