Saturday, September 21, 2013

Star Crushed Minerals Review and SWATCHES!

Happy Saturday Zombies!

Halloween is getting closer! I can feel it in the air. This is my most favorite time of year, as you probably already know. I watched a hot air balloon fly over my house this morning, that sealed the deal for me. Fall is here!

Randomness aside, I'd like to introduce you all to Star Crushed Minerals- an Etsy based indie cosmetic company. I placed a small order a few weeks back during a Grand Opening sale, and the owner graciously added a few extras for me to try out.

Per Etsy store:

"I am a one-woman shop and appreciate your patience, support and understanding. xoxo
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask.
100% natural, handmade mineral cosmetics.
Nothing you see is re-packaged. All of the colors you see are a unique combination made out of a conscious effort to bring you vibrant, long lasting colors!
Welcome to Star Crushed Cosmetics!
Cruelty free (the only animal I test it on is my husband! LoL!) I joke! That was his idea! ;-)
Paraben, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, Talc, Cornstarch, Bismuth Oxychloride, Fragrance, Chemical and Preservative free. (Preservative free means they will not go bad!) "

*as always, please click images for maximum awesome!

The super cute packaging!

I ordered samples of (descriptions from the Etsy store):

Purple Tulip: Duo-chrome. Soft violet with orange/gold undertones.
Olive Pink: Semi opaque shimmery golden olive with soft pink shimmer / undertone.
Neptune Star: Green-Blue shimmer color.
Royal Blue: Semi opaque deep blue color with a metallic blue shimmer..
Teal: Teal blue with gold undertones. Soft shimmer.
Skinny Dipping: Sheer nude color with an iridescent shimmer.
Orchid Shimmer: This is matte purple color with pink undertones. Semi opaque.

I was also sent:

Star Crushed eyeshadow primer: This emollient rich eye shadow primer is designed to not only prep your eyes for eye shadow application but to moisturize as it does so. Neutralizes eyelid color.
Milky Way: Almost black deepest purple with gold shimmer throughout.
Red Blackberry: Shimmery Rich Purple with red, gold & violet undertones. Opaque.
Black Amethyst: A deep purple color with black undertones. Deep violet shimmer with violet sparkles throughout. Semi opaque.
Teal Blue: Opaque almost black base with several shades of teal blue shimmer and sparkle.
Black Garnet: Semi opaque color with red and black undertones. Red shimmer.
Black Emerald: Semi opaque color with green and black undertones. Green shimmer.
Mini Pomegranate nail polish: Bright red polish with multi-colored micro shimmer.

All the goodies! I love the jar lids!

Pretty pretty eyeshadow!

Eyeshadow primer. This is what I used as the base to swatch all of the colors.

Mini nail polish. I think this was just a fun extra.

All eyeshadow watched over Star Crushed eyeshadow primer.

Outside- direct sunlight

My thoughts!

I loved the cute packaging that everything came in!  Incorporating stars was a cute touch, so before I even opened the box, I was already slightly giddy. I'm a sucker for packaging which looks like great care was taken in it. Once I opened the box, my jaw dropped. I was expecting sample baggies and was pleasantly surprised to see all the jars nestled within the box. Each lid had the logo of the company on it, and there were sifter stickers on each jar.

Once I swatched the colors, I was pretty much hooked. I used the Star Crushed eyeshadow primer for the swatches and was pretty amazed at how pigmented each color came out on my skin over the primer. It also allowed for the sparkles to shine through in those eyeshadow that have sparkles.

I'm quite impressed with the eyeshadow that have a black base from Star Crushed. When you blend out the eyeshadow, the color shift is still strong and does not blend down to just black. I espeically love Black Garnet and Black Emerald because of this.

My favorites of this lot are:
Royal Blue. I mean just look at the shimmery blue!
Purple Tulip. I just love the gorgeous flash and shimmer in this eyeshadow.
Black Garnet. The PERFECT vampy, fall color. Freaking love!
Neptune Star. This eyeshadow is so pigmented and blend-able and the color is so very lovely. 
Black Emerald and Black Amethyst. I love the flash of purple and teal on these black based eyeshadow. Gorgeous!

I'm really impressed with everything I received from Star Crushed. The eyeshadow are buttery and pigmented and really easy to blend. Hand blended to perfection!  I was very very happy with the eyeshadow primer as well. It made the colors hold true to how they looked in the jar and allowed the sparks and shimmer to shine! The eyeshadow also lasted a long time once applied over the primer. Primer ingredients: Ingredients: Olive Oil, Carnauba Wax, Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Micas.

Right now, Star Crushed is having a 50% off sale. I encourage you all to go grab a little something. Samples do come in jars, which I personally love. ;)  They also offer nail polish, blush, and foundation. Follow them on Facebook HERE as well!

Do you see something you that catches your interest?

*some products in this post were purchased by me and some sent to MZ for review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own and honest. 



  1. OMG, Olive Pink and Black Garnet. I love how they all glow!

  2. I have some of those same colors but haven't used any other than swatches. Must do that soon!

  3. I love their black based colors too! I love how all your swatches feel like they could be in a UD palette like maybe UD Vice. So pretty!


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