Monday, October 21, 2013

Darling Girl Cosmetics "In Living Color" Shadow Bases.

Good evening Zombies!

Today I've swatched for you the new In Living Color eyeshadow bases from Darling Girl Cosmetics.

Per the Darling Girl website:

"What is In Living Color shadow base? ILC shadow base is used to create a colored foundation on your eyelid to affect the color/vibrancy of the eye shadow that’s applied on top of it. Its purpose is not to prevent creasing so it is recommended to use your primer of choice underneath In Living Color shadow base.

*In Living Color Shadow Base is a hand blended and hand poured product, that being said if the pour is too hot a thin layer of wax will settle on the top layer of the product. This in no way affects the product or it’s wearability however you might need to make a few swipes to get through the thin layer of wax to show it’s true color."

The eyeshadow bases come in 5 gram jars which contain 3 grams of product. There is a slight *waxy* smell, but I kind of like it. ;)

Bottom labels with names and ingredients



There is a trick to these bad boys! Make sure you warm up the top layer- with a finger tip or breath before attempting to apply and you'll get smooth and creamy color payoff.  I adore "Love is Strange" and "Little Black Dress", each of these colors hung on to my skin once swatched for a really long time. "I Pink I Love You" and "Sweet and Spicy" were the most pigmented of the bunch whereas "Fluff" was a little more difficult to work with than the rest of the group. What you see in my swatch of "Fluff" was 4 swipes of product. Again, once warmed up a bit, it applies a little more smoothly.

I really love these bases and can not wait to try them on my lids. I use a base every time I apply eyeshadow. I apply them over an eyeshadow primer. This is how I've always done my makeup since my early days of blogging. I find by using a base my eyeshadow stays on much longer and the colors are more vibrant and pigmented.

"In Living Color" shadow bases are $5.50 for a fill sized jar or grab a sample for $1.00.

*products in this post were sent to MZ for review/consideration purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own and honest.


  1. And of course I just placed an order yesterday. I guess it gives me an excuse to make another one in the future! These look really awesome.

  2. Thanks for the great swatches Wendi! ♥

  3. These look really good, interested to see how they apply to the lid. I normally use NYX but that's a pain in the arse to get over here, or Illamasaqua concealer which is bloody expensive to use a base all the time so if these are as good as they look, that's fab!

  4. These look wonderful, why didn't I buy one my last order???


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