Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My unhealthy obsession with Max Factor "Fantasy Fire".


Ok, maybe it's not so much unhealthy, but that it's rounding the bend to be that way. :D A friend of mine was in the UK recently and brought me back the very coveted "Fantasy Fire" from Max Factor. Let's just say, it wasn't until I saw it in person that I realized I'd been needing it all of my life.

I've done three different manis in a week using it and wanted to show you each one. :D

The day after it arrived, I paired it with L'Oreal's "Miss Pixie". Miss Pixie is a jelly royal blue. The blue set off "Fantasy Fire" in the most dramatic way, making it flash copper in certain light and blue in others. In natural or indoor light, it looked purple. I wore this mani for a good week before I decided to take it off, begrudgingly.

So, then I realized I really needed to see FF over China Glaze's "Flying Dragon." "Flying Dragon" has amazing blue sparkles in the rich purple base. Because FF is a Neon, it dries almost matte, so I knew that FF would cancel that out and let the blue sparks shine. Hell yeah it did!

Outside/natural light

The thing I forget about Flying Dragon is that it chips SUPER easy and a whole chunk of nail polish came off the next day from one of my fingers. Just an excuse to change my mani!


Are you drooling yet? Yeah, me too. Here I paired OPI's "Russian Navy" with Nuf Oh 51 and "Fantasy Fire." I mean, for the love of all things shiny and amazing.

And in the sunlight? Yeah, it's so much better. *sigh*

I've not ever been *this* excited about a nail polish. "Fantasy Fire" has forever changed my life.. (so dramatic) I implore you ALL to somehow get a hold of a bottle. You will not be sorry.

*products in this post were purchased by me or sent to me as a gift. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. Awesome nails.

  2. You are going to run out of FF if you keep this up!

  3. You are going to run out of FF if you keep this up! I'm so glad you love it. I just KNEW you had to have it! :)

  4. I have it too and it's amazing ! I like the last mani , superpretty :)

  5. Shimmery purple pretties!! Ugh I love them all. AND they look amazing on you!!

  6. Oh wow. I need to copy that last one. It's 100 kinds of amazing! Fantasy Fire rocks.

  7. It's not unhealthy at all... It's perfect!

  8. Is this supposed to be a limited edition color?

  9. Oh that's gorgeous! Nice uses of FF. I just got mine (from an ordinary store, here in Australia, didn't even realise it was readily available here till last week!


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