Friday, October 18, 2013

Vivid Purple Lipstick.. A SHOWDOWN!

Good evening my lovely Zombies!

One of the hottest shades of lipstick/lip gloss right now is intense, vivid red based purples with blue undertones, such as MAC "Heroine". Because "Heroine" was limited edition, I went on the hunt for lip products in drugstores that might be similar to "Heroine" for the people who missed out on it. I found 4 pretty similar colors and one that could be a dead on dupe.

Here is my showdown!

The contenders are:
 MAC "Heroine"- limited edition
Maybelline "Brazen Berry"- Vivids collection
Covergirl "Divine"- core collection
Maybelline "Lavender Voltage"- limited for Fall 201
Maybelline "Vision in Violet"- The Elixirs collection

Don't mind the wonky top of "Brazen Berry". My kid twisted it into the lid. :/


As you can clearly see, right off the bat, "Lavender Voltage" takes the cake in terms of being a pretty dead on dupe to "Heroine." Heroine is matte, where as "Lavender Voltage" is a creme and doesn't last as long on the lips. But this would be a very comparable lipstick for those of you who missed out on or can not afford "Heroine."

"Vision in Violet" is pretty close as well, but it's a gloss. I could see pairing it with "Heroine" for an intense combination!

It's quite fun to have all of these lippies swatched next to each other to compare the similarities and differences. In terms of staying power, "Heroine" and "Lavender Voltage" take the win, but "Brazen Berry" is so lush feeling on the lips and applies so evenly. There is no doubt ALL of these lippies are bright and fun and perfect for a purple lover such as myself.

I purchased these lip products at MAC, CVS, and Walgreen. Go, go forth and buy all the purple!


  1. I love seeing all the swatches together. Heroine is gorgeous.

  2. Lavender Voltage is my favorite. I like Heroine but always want it darker, more purple. Lipstick should always be more purple!!

  3. Divine is one of my favourites, I love the CG lippies!

  4. Brazen Berry is my first purple lippie and I adore it!
    Glad you like it too!


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