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DreamWorld Minerals Review and SWATCHES!

Happy Sunday Zombies!

This whole Fall backwards time change thing is messing with my head! I got an extra hour of sleep (I guess) but now my internal clock is all messed up. So, let's just look at some pretties, shall we?

I was given the opportunity to try out some products from an up and coming indie company called DreamWorld Minerals and wanted to share my experience and some swatches with you all!

Per the DreamWorld website:

Why choose Dreamworld Hermetica?

  • Estheticians on staff to help with color and skin care help
  • Small family owned business, which means personal customer service
  • Alternative to drugstore cosmetics
  • Large inventory with affordable prices and fun colors!
  • Gluten Free Products; Vegan Products; No nano-sized ingredients
  • Something for everyone! Skin loving formulas...from matte to shimmery!
  • Frequent limited editions with free samples in each order
  • Fast reasonable First Class shipping for domestic and international
Our products are NEVER tested on animals and are all cruelty free. If you ever have any questions about any specific products, please don't hesitate to contact us at

A lovely package filled with goodies! (Make sure to click images for maximum awesome!)

I received the following products for sampling:
all descriptions from website

Samples available for $2.00 (1/2 tsp)
Full size with rotating sifter 12 to 14 gm (Large 45 gm jar) of product for $20.50

Juno II V (vapor) foundation: Yellow skin tone with beige and peach undertones
Hecate II L (luna) foundation: Neutral with warm/yellow undertones
Arianrhod II C (cloud) foundation: True neutral/Equal undertones

What does V, L,C mean?

Vapor: Vapor is our Titanium Dioxide free option.
The exceptionally high Zinc Oxide level in this foundation will also help with any instances of inflammation or irritation of the facial skin.
Non-cakey and layerable, yet light and airy. Perfect for any skin type. Full coverage.
Ingredients: Mica, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin clay, Iron Oxides

Luna: Luna is our oldest formula.
The Zinc Oxide level in this foundation will help with any instances of inflammation or irritation of the facial skin.
Non-cakey and layerable. Perfect for any skin type. Full coverage. 
Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxde, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides

Cloud: Cloud is our Mica Free option.
This is perfect for ladies who have oily skin and want a foundation that will help soak up the oils yet maintain all day.
Non-cakey and layerable. Perfect for any skin type. Full coverage. 
Ingredients: Rice Powder, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Kaolin clay, Iron Oxides

Whipped Blueberries- Whipped Creme (finishing powder): light lavender, perfect for brightening up your skin tone, while soaking oils or bringing moisture to dry skin!
Samples available for $2.00 (1/2 tsp)
Full size with rotating sifter for convenience with 8 to 10 gm of product for $15.99

Destiny Illuminating Glow (finishing powder): soft mauve with violet undertones
Samples available for $2.00 (1/2 tsp.)
Full size with rotating sifter for convenience with 6 to 8 gm of product for $16.99

Lavender Illuminating (this product is labeled Blueberry, but I can't seem to find it on the site listed as Blueberry): a soft lavender that will brighten up your skin tone
Samples available for $2.00 (1/2 tsp)
Full size with rotating sifter, 6 to 8 gm of product for $16.99

Taken at Midnight (blush): Purple with pink and lavender iridescent undertonesMini Jars are 0.5 gm to 0.75 gm for $2.75
Full sizes (20 gm jar) with rotating sifters with 8 gm of product for $13.99

Mummy Glo: (GloWorm powder) - shimmery white with golden undertones Samples available for $2.00 for 1/2 tsp. in baggie
Full size with rotating sifter for convenience for $15.99 (8 to 10 gm of product)

Eyes- mineral eyeshadow:  
All mini jar shadows are 1/4 tsp. for $2.75 (without sifter) and all full size shadows are 3 gm or greater for $7.99

Amazon Queen: Golden metallic color
Autumn Frost: A soft silvery gray
Vampire Heart: Deep purple color with iridescent pink undertones
Shadow Wing: Deep violet with shimmers
The Awakening: Medium shade, a warm pink in color
Queen's Guard: A warm metallic color with golden highlights

MAGICK LIP WAND: Full sizes 10 ml for $12.50  
Thick, highly pigmented
Long lasting
Very moisturizing
Like having a lipstick in a tube!!

Zombie Smooch: pretty aqua color with aqua sparkles


Face products:

I did a look with all DWM products:

DreamWorld eyeshadow over Milani primer and Darling Girl "Fluff" eyeshadow base.

I used "Hecate II L" foundation my face. I think this was almost an exact match for my skin tone and applied evenly and blended smoothly. I used "Taken at Midnight" blush as well and a touch of "Mummy Glo" for highlight on the cheeks.

Here I applied "Zombie Smooch" over Milani's "Black Cherry" lipstick. It gave the lipstick a fun blue glow.

My thoughts!

I'm always hesitant to purchase indie mineral foundation because I'm usually overwhelmed by the many choices that are offered. I asked the owner of DWM to send her choices for my skin tone (lol) and I think she hit it pretty spot on. The foundation was a dream to apply. I used a flat headed foundation brush, which allowed for perfect blending. It didn't feel cakey and covered up some slight blemishes on my skin. I used no primer or concealer on my face before foundation application.

I really like the eyeshadow as well, every color was pigmented and perfectly blended. "The Awakening" and "Shadow Wing" are my two favorite colors from the bunch. I had a lot of fun playing around with the products I've tested so far and will post more in the future once I've tried everything.

"Zombie Smooch" was the only product that was a little tricky to work with. For some reason, it didn't want to come out of the tube. I'm not sure if it's too thick for the tube it comes in but it didn't want to stick to the wand. It's a pretty color on it's own, and gives lipstick a beautiful blue sheen.

I'm really excited about DWM. They offer an amazing array of quality products and something for everyone!

*products in this post were provided by DreamWorld Minerals for review and consideration purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. Amazon Queen, Vampire Heart and Autumn Frost are gorgeous. I love Shadow Wing on you too.

  2. This company is on my to try list and I'm really glad they reopened.

  3. These are beautiful colors and I really love the way you're wearing them here!

  4. Those products all look amazing! I will definitely have to check out this company. I just found your blog through your Impulse Cosmetics review and I love it!


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