Thursday, November 14, 2013

NEW! Milani Cosmetics Limited Edition Shadow Eyez!

Good afternoon Zombies!

I'm SO excited about this post! Milani Cosmetics is coming out with 6 new Shadow Eyez for the upcoming holiday season (they will be released in November) and I couldn't wait to share them with you!

The 6 new shades are:
Charming Black: Shimmer finish
Midnight Romance: Shimmer finish
Plum Amour: Pearl finish
Romantic Violet: Pearl finish
Snowy White: Matte finish
Lovely Frost: Metallic finish


This batch of Shadow Eyez from Milani are so pretty! Obviously, "Snowy White" is your standard white matte shade but the rest of the colors are unique and fun. "Charming Black" and "Midnight Romance" have awesome sparkles in them. "Plum Amour" and "Lovely Frost" both have an amazing metallic quality to them (even though the description of  "Plum Amour" is that it has a Pearl finish) and are smooth and creamy when applied. The only one of this group I had issues with was "Romantic Violet". It isn't very pigmented and took quite a bit to get a good swatch; which I guess is something you'd expect from a pearl finish, but I wasn't extremely impressed with it.

These last a really long time! I wore my swatches around on my hand for a good 8 hours after I swatched them and the hearts looked just as good 8 hours later as when I first applied them. There was slight wear and tear and "Romantic Violet" had worn off the most.

These are wonderful to wear alone has an all over eyeshadow, to line your eyes with, or to use as a creamy base under eyeshadow to make your eyeshadow POP! 

Here I lined my eyes with "Charming Black"- upper liner and "Midnight Romance"- lower lash line.

This collection will be available at select CVS, Meijer and HEB stores. It will also be available at The other Shadow Eyez from Milani retail for $6.99 (USD) each, so I'm expecting that these LE shades will be the same price.

*products in this post were provided by Milani Cosmetics for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. love this eye! And now I see I will need a few of these pencils.

  2. So, when can I order these lovelies? Your hearts are soooo sweet. :D

  3. I love, love, love the Milani Shadow Eyez pencils so much.

  4. Ughhh so pretty, I need Plum Amour! Thanks for the swatches!

  5. Ooh, Lovely Frost and Plum Amour are gorgeous! Too bad there are none of those stores in Colorado. I'd buy them if I could get them!

  6. Oh, they're great! I really like what is so conveniently done with a pencil


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