Friday, April 19, 2013

Smoky Green Dragon Scales!


Woah, two blog posts in two days? It's a sparkle party! A few weeks back, I received a package from one of my best sparkle buddies and in it was a sample of Lumikki Cosmetic's "Dragon Scale." goodness, is it amazing! I couldn't wait any longer to put in on my eyes. I think this look came out so pretty!

I was blown away by the pigmentation and sparkle overload in this eyeshadow! I will absolutely need a full sized jar of this bad boy. It is amazing!

The Goods:
TFSI as primer
Tick:Tock Cosemtics "Milky Way" eeyshadow base
Lumikki "Dragon Scale" main lid and blended into lower lash line
Archetype "Graveyard Seance" blended above crease
Matte black belended into crease to deepen
Fyrinnae"Moon Child" as highlight
random eyeliner and mascara

Milani "Fantastico Mauve"

Stila "Hibiscus" lip glaze

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Black Holographic Nails!

Last night, I sat down and came up with a manicure so beautiful that I figured I should actually BLOG about  it. *gasp* I am in love with Zoya's "Storm" nail polish. It's a black base filled with holographic sparkle. On it's own this polish is amazing, but add chunks of holographic glitter and BAM! 

Out in the sunshine! Look at the sparkle!

Natural Light

Pretty amazing, right? I can not stop starting at my nails!

The Goods:
Sech Clear base coat
Zoya "Storm" base color
Darling Diva Polish "Too Schmexxxy" holographic glitter
China Glaze Fast Foward Top Coat

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

!Etsy Spotlight! Little Lazies!

Good morning Zombies!

This morning I bring to you a post of the non-makeup variety but still just as fun.....and even sparkly! A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted a link to a cute Etsy store called "Little Lazies" on Facebook. Right off the bat, I noticed a cute little zombie made out of clay that had to be MINE RIGHT THEN! I immediately (and somewhat spontaneously) placed an order for my very own Zombie Little Lazy. The rest, is history.

My kick ass little clay-creation arrived in less than 2 weeks after I adopted him. The most exciting part of the whole transaction was that when you purchase a little lazy, you get a random little guy/girl. No two are alike, being that they are all handmade! I was ridiculously excited when I opened my little guy and saw SPARKLES! on his brain and heart.

Meet Booboo ZomZom!

Per the Etsy store:

Purchase a Random ZOMBIE Lazy and you will receive a made to order, one of a kind MYSTERY creature that includes zombie braaaains and more.

Mystery item will be a miniature clay figurine (approx. 2" tall) that comes with an Adoption Card that lists it's name as well as it's "Likes and Dislikes".

BooBoo (and most of his companions) was $15.00 USD plus shipping!

Sparkly braaaaains! He's so cuddly for one that consumes squish! 



I loved all the fun extra touches to the order. The shipping box that BooBoo arrived in had the same cute creature stamped on it as the invoice below. Sadly, I lost the pictures of it. :/ My Little Lazy was wrapped securely in bubble wrap and the box was stuffed with tissue paper. It was the perfect transport vessel.

I intend on purchasing a few more little zombies to start my very own Little Lazy Apocalypse! Leah, the owner of Little Lazies, also offers limited edition lazies such as owls and other amazing creatures from time to time. Watch her Facebook page HERE to keep to date on all the happenings! 

Speaking of Leah, I was able to snag a short interview with her for everyone! Check it out.

Tell us a little about how Little Lazies came about.
Well, I have had a passion for art ever since I was very little, and even up until my time in college where I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design, but (long story short) after graduating, I fell into another passion of mine - cake decorating, which indeed is the catalyst for Little Lazies! Let me explain! I remember it as if it were yesterday... it was on one lovely, Autumn day, and I was exhausted from a long days work of decorating cakes, but remembered it was my Sister’s birthday and I wanted to do something special for her. So as I was decorating her cake, I had a ball of green gum-paste in my hands (gum-paste is very similar to clay, but this you can eat!) and I thought to myself, “Hmm, I think I am going to make her a cute, little monster for the top of her cake!” I am not sure why that idea popped in my head, but needless to say, I am very glad it did... I sat there for what seemed like hours, making her this miniature monster, and little did I know that I was developing my very own style right then and there! I finished the cake and of course I had to show all my friends the cute creature I created, and to my surprise they all wanted one, but instead of a cake topper, they asked for something that would work as a collectable to keep! With tons of love and encouragement from family and friends, I decided to explore the world of polymer clay. I then created my Little Lazies and with that, a shop emerged and more... I still cannot thank my friends enough for their support; I don’t know what I would do without them (you know who you are!)

Tell is a little about how you make your Little Lazies.
Well it all starts will a ball of clay, then from there I have to be inspired (like most artists do!) Inspiration for me can come from a lot of things - film, music, nature - but I am most inspired by Japanese culture and animation. Japan is just full of creativity and the style and culture brings a smile to my face, so why not be inspired by something that makes you happy, right? I am also inspired by my favorite artists and their talent, drive, and passion - Jublin, Megan Lara, John Sumrow, Beastpop, Wotto - the list goes on. Seeing their success in art only makes me want to work harder. As for the actual process of making the Lazies, I knead the clay (a lot) and I never use clay straight from the package; I always mix and create new colors. Then little by little I assemble a monster, bake it, admire my new creation and then send it to it's new home!

Who is your favorite Little Lazy to create and why?
Of course I love all my Little Lazies equally, I have no favorite (isn’t that what a Mother is suppose to say? Haha.) But the one character that brings me the most joy to make has to be the Little Lazy Zombies - they are always fun to create! I love bringing together an iconic character like a Zombie, that is usually portrayed as something scary and gory, and combining it with elements that make it into something somewhat sweet and adorable! My Zombies have gooey brains, sunken in eyes and stitches... sometimes they have guts spilling out or protruding ribs, but somehow those obviously disturbing images are created into something you would want to cuddle! So to say it simply, I like the juxtaposition of the cute versus the creepy - I think they work well together and most everyone could enjoy them, don’t ya think?

Tell us a little about Leah the mastermind!
I’ll make this short and sweet for you!

Likes: Going to concerts, collecting t-shirts & vinyl, and watching the sunrise
Dislikes: Being a shy girl, reality TV, and bullies of all kinds

Thank you Leah for the interview and for my newest obsession! Best of luck to you and all of your Little Lazies! :D

Everyone should run, right now, check out Little Lazies and snag yourself a new little best friend. *tears of joy*

Monday, April 1, 2013

Lady Grenade Cosmetics Re-opening and Swatches!

Good evening Zombies!

A month ago now, I was able to meet up with a good friend of mine Candy Sparks, the master mind behind Lady Grenade Cosmetics! We've known each other for a little while now online and it was fun to meet in person and talk about sparkles all night! Candy was nice enough to give me some samples of her eyeshadow for me to swatch for you all. Today is the grand re-opening of LGC, so what better time than to show you the goods. Stay tuned to the end of the post, I have a little surprise!

(I only had baggie samples of each shadow, so I did not photograph them. As always, click on images for maximum awesome.)

L to R: Purple Heart, Sonic Boom, Bogie, and Zombie Genocide

L to R: Shellback, Gypsy Soldier, Ditty Bop, and My Romeo

L to R: Hocus Pocus Decoy, Wangle, 90 Day Wonder, Taps

I adore Purple Heart, Sonic Boom, Bogie, My Romeo, and Wangle. LGC eyeshadow are so super pigmented and easy to blend. I was quite surprised by a couple of the shades and how sparkly, yet wearable the are. There is a huge array of shades and colors to choose from. Because LGC is also run by a kick ass woman in the military, there are several neutral, yet fun shades for everyday wear.

Here is a quick look I did today using Sonic Boom on the main lid and lower lash line and Purple Heart in my crease!

Because today is the grand Re-opening of Lady Grenade, Candy has offered a 15% discount to all of my readers to help spread the word about the opening! Use coupon code: SpreadTheWord at checkout for your discount! You can also find Lady Grenade Cosmetics on Facebook HERE to keep updated on new collections, etc.

I highly recommend you take advantage of the code and try out Lady Grenade! Full sized 5 gram jars of eyeshadow are $5.50. I don't believe samples are offered at this time.

*products in this post were provided for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.